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Our team
Christian Lukas
Managing Director
Ronny Krüger
Head of field sales
Frank Wirtl
Field sales southern Germany
Malte Sonnenwald
Field sales northern Germany
Eric Drossel
Field sales eastern Germany
Michaela Beck
Field sales western Germany
Thorsten Hetzel
Internal technical sales, claims management
Manuel Wacker
International sales
Nicole Buchmann
International sales
Rafaela Zervou
Internal sales
Magdalena Rejmer
Assistant internal sales
Marius Linneweber
Assistant to the CEO
Doris Brandtner
Head of Human Resources
Hans Jacob Bechler
Service & Reclamation
Franziska Sannemann
Head of Marketing
Birgit Stoll
Online Marketing
Clara Wunderer
Corrections and copy
Sandra Kienle
Junior graphic designer
Christina Amann
Head of finance
Xenia Gorolevic
Head of logistics
Julian Kaiser
Product manager
Levi Wegmann
Assistant for ventilation concepts
Patrick Reto
Assistant for ventilation concepts
Marina Schröck
Assistant HR/Finances
Gregori Dimopoulos
Team assistance

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