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BlauFast modular system


 BlauFast modular system: flexible solutions for efficient ventilation

The modular air distribution system BlauFast is based on compact corrugated air ducts with the diameter of 63, 75 and 90 mm made of impact-resistant plastic.
Energy saving ventilation is easy and fast to arrange with BlauFastIt is applied in houses and apartments and is suitable both for brand new construction or renovation.


The BlauFast system is designed for joint operation with air handling units.
An air handling unit enables air transportation, filtration and heat recovery.
The BlauFast system enables correct air distribution between the rooms.

In contrast to standard ventilation system to be mounted exclusively in the ceiling or walls the BlauFast system has wider mounting possibilities.
The air ducts are suitable for ceiling, floor or wall mounting. The assembly is easy and cost-effective.


Modular BlauFast system saves living space and offers nonstandard design solutions.

Smooth inner surface makes maintenance easy. Compatible with BlauPlast ductwork system.
No air leakages. Compact size. Suitable for non-standard ceilings with complicated geometry and heated floors.
Low noise. Quick and fast assembly due to flexible air ducts and versatile fittings. No special tools and qualification required.
Pleasant interior look.
The ventilation lines are covered with suspended ceilings, floors or walls. Ventilation supply and exhaust grilles are the only visible components.
The material and the form of the semi-rigid air ducts are designed for high external load capacity, i.e. pressure of the concrete floor.


The calculation of the ventilation system and selection of fittings must be based on local construction norms.*  
    Air flow rate [m³/h] Air exchange rate per hour
total flat   0.4 – 1
per one person   30
bathrooms, WC any ventilation period 60
  ventilation period > 12 hours 45
toilet any ventilation period 30
  ventilation period > 12 hours 25
kitchen any ventilation period 60
  ventilation period > 12 hours 45
recommended air exchange rate for residential buildings in compliance with DIN 1964.6 and DIN 18017.3