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21 july 2021
American schools choose Freshbox units

It is impossible to imagine modern learning process without well-ventilated classrooms and maintaining a comfortable microclimate therein, which is ensured by ventilation. In recent years schools have increasingly turned their attention to decentralized ventilation systems, which are the most convenient and flexible solution for use in classrooms. In many institutions, this interest has already been translated into realized projects, for example, in several American schools of Regional Division 16, where more than 100 Freshbox 100 Wi-Fi air handling units have been installed.

Decentralized heat recovery ventilation units have lots of advantages, which make them the best solution for use in educational institutions. In particular, their installation does not require any repair work and takes only a few hours, which allows implementing a ventilation project in the shortest possible time. Thanks to the built-in heat exchangers, these devices allow keeping the heat in the room during the cold season and cool in summer, and air filters clean the incoming air from various pollutants.

Due to the frequent spread of viral diseases, the use of decentralized ventilation units has become another effective tool to combat them: constant air exchange allows quality cleaning of the indoor air environment from various pathogens. It is also worth noting the wide possibilities of decentralized devices management. They can operate both in manual mode (setting is performed using an external panel, control panel or smartphone), and fully automatic mode, depending on the characteristics of the air environment.

Due to the wide capacity of decentralized ventilation systems, the management of the 16th Regional School Division in the USA opted for Freshbox 100 Wi-Fi air handling units with heat recovery. In the first instance, 120 of these units were installed and put into operation in three elementary schools. The next phase of the program implementation on classrooms ventilation improvement in the schools of this Regional Division will be the installation of another 88 Freshbox 100 Wi-Fi units.