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08 january 2019
BlauAIR Standard: new air handling units for energy-efficient ventilation of large spaces
The company’s model range of air handling units has recently been updated to provide the clients with even greater value and flexibility.

Now in addition to the BlauAIR series bespoke modular units, which are built according to each customer's unique specifications, Blauberg Ventilatoren offers the new BlauAIR Standard units – off-the-shelf supply and exhaust ventilation solutions with heat and moisture recovery for large commercial, public or industrial spaces.

You can choose from a wide range of models in the new series with an air capacity ranging from 800 to 9 000 m3/h.

The available options include ceiling installation, horizontal or vertical positioning as well as left-hand side and right-hand side casings.

The new units offer convenient control thanks to a modern control system. The operations parameters are programmed via a control panel with a user-friendly interface. You can enable a weekly schedule, set the activation time or adjust air pressure and air flow rate. The available functions also include "Natural cooling" and "Natural heating" with cool or warm outdoor air directly supplied to the serviced space for cooling or heating without wasting additional energy. The BlauAIR Standard series models can be upgraded with extra sensors to control the content of moisture, carbon dioxide or volatile organic compounds. The control system also provides access to the error and alarm log.

The units are equipped with condensation type rotary or plate counterflow heat exchangers.

Being suitable for a cold or moderate climate, a condensation rotary heat exchanger is used in spaces requiring high heat exchange efficiency. However, for applications in a hot and humid climate you might want to consider models with enthalpy rotary heat exchangers with a moisture-absorbing coating which prevent condensate build-up and provide efficient dehumidification.

Models with plate heat exchangers, where supply and extract air streams are separated, are equipped with a bypass which has an automatic damper actuator to protect the heat exchanger against freezing.

The new models feature F7 class fine filters which remove dust, soot, allergens and other impurities up to 1 µm from the supply and extract air streams.

All the BlauAIR Standard units are equipped with high-performance low-energy EC motors supplied by ebm-papst.

The air handling units have sturdy frameless casings with a 40 mm heat and thermal protection layer made from mineral wool. The ample insulation reduces condensation on the outer surfaces as well as thermal losses which is especially important for outdoor installation.

You can use the online Blauberg Selector tool to select the necessary BlauAIR Standard air handling unit. Just specify the heat exchanger, heater, and cooler type, air capacity and pressure, and the indoor temperature and relative humidity range as well as locality for the unit installation to account for the climatic conditions. Our software will automatically select the most suitable model and provide design input data as easy-to-understand charts and tables.

BlauAIR Standard air handling units are multi-functional solutions incorporating state-of-the-art technology and proprietary know-how. They are more than capable of ensuring an optimum balance of energy efficiency, air quality and occupant comfort. This standardised series radically simplifies model selection and helps provide the client with a solution which meets the performance targets as quickly as possible.