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23 february 2023
Blauberg inWave: a silent ventilation solution
Modern ventilation systems nowadays are subject to increased requirements in terms of energy consumption and the levels of noise generated during operation.

inWave sound-insulated inline mixed-flow fans, a new product designed by Blauberg Ventilatoren, fully comply with these requirements and demonstrate high performance with minimal noise levels and low energy consumption.

The new fans are intended for use in supply, exhaust and supply-exhaust ventilation systems in residential, commercial and public spaces with increased requirements in terms of noise, such as educational institutions, kindergartens, offices, conference halls, libraries, etc. These fans are intended for use with round air ducts with a diameter of 100, 125, 150, 160 mm and are offered in two options: with energy-efficient three-speed alternating current motor (Blauberg inWave) and high-performance ЕC direct current motor (Blauberg inWave EC).

The new fans are mixed-flow fans, which allows them combining wide capabilities and high performance characteristics of axial and centrifugal fans. The use of conical impeller with specifically designed blades ensures an increase in the circular velocity of the air flow and thus creates a higher pressure and air flow. inWave series demonstrates air flow capacity up to 540 m³/h, and inWave EC – up to 600 m³/h.

Low noise level during fans operation is achieved due to special design of the insides of the casing, the impeller and directing vanes. Special perforation inside the casing and utilization of a 50 mm soundproof layer of mineral wool provide for maximum sound absorption. The diffuser, specially profiled impeller and directing vanes are also shaped for ensuring high pressure combined with low noise generation.

High energy-efficiency of inWave and inWave EC fans is ensured by utilizing motors with low energy consumption. inWave EC fans are equipped with highly efficient ЕС direct current motors. ЕС technologies meet the most current requirements in terms of designing energy-efficient ventilation products and ensure significant (up to 35%) reduction in energy consumption in comparison with induction motors. Both motor types boast integrated overheating protection.

The fan casing and impeller are made of high quality durable plastic. This design solution allowed to reduce the device weight and therefore make its installation and maintenance much easier. The use of polymer materials and a sealed terminal box for connecting to the power mains makes the fans highly resistant to moisture and allows their use in high humidity environments.

Due to their compact size, the new fans are an optimal solution for installation in limited spaces. These fans are suitable for wall and ceiling mounting and can be placed at any section of a ventilation system.