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30 may 2023
Blauberg Reneo: stylish, quiet, cost-efficient
One of this year's highlights for our company was the launch of the new range of Blauberg Reneo air handling units.

We have already shared with you the news that the Reneo-Fit D 100 was the winner of the Design Plus powered by ISH design competition at ISH 2023. In this post, we would like to tell you more about the entire Reneo product range.

Reneo-Fit D 100’s high praise at Europe's largest HVAC trade fair is no accident. Each air handling unit of the Reneo product range immediately attracts attention due to its modern design. However, the new units are not only visually appealing, but also incorporate the most advanced technological solutions, allowing them to meet the highest requirements of today's market.

Blauberg Reneo product range includes the Reneo S, Reneo D, Reneo-Fit D and Reneo-Fit D 100 units designed for energy-efficient ventilation of residential, commercial and public buildings with airflow performance up to 560 m3/h.

The unit casings are made of expanded polypropylene (EPP), which has a low specific weight, high mechanical strength, long service life, no volatile organic compounds and excellent acoustic, vibration and thermal insulation properties. The use of EPP has allowed our engineers to design the most aerodynamically efficient air ducts inside the unit casing, resulting in lower pressure losses and therefore lower energy consumption for transporting air.

Reneo units are equipped with efficient counter-flow heat exchangers with a high recovery factor. Each size is available with an enthalpy heat exchanger.

The new integration and control options are also noteworthy. Reneo air handling units can be controlled via the Blauberg Home app in your smartphone. Connection to the Blauberg Cloud Server allows equipment to be managed from anywhere in the world and service diagnostics to be carried out remotely. The integration solutions used allow Reneo installations to be used in a Smart Home system as well as in a building management system (BMS) via ModBUS protocol.

Reneo S units are available in four sizes with airflow performance of 210, 270, 350 and 550 m3/h, with vertical spigot orientation, for floor and wall mounting.

Reneo D is a suspended unit that also allows wall and floor mounting. The unit is available in two sizes with airflow performance of 180 and 240 m3/h.

Reneo-Fit D units are available in two sizes with airflow performance of 150 and 200 m3/h. They are also suspended units with the possibility of changing the spigot orientation.

Reneo-Fit D 100 is a compact suspended unit with an airflow performance of up to 100 m3/h. It is currently the quietest and most efficient air handling unit in its size on the market.