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18 february 2021
BlauFast modular system has been replenished with 90 mm ducts

Blauberg Ventilatoren has expanded the range of semi-rigid air ducts for BlauFast modular air distribution system. Air ducts with a diameter of 63 and 75 mm were supplemented with 90 mm air ducts.

The BlauFast system is an end-to-end solution for creating an efficient and energy-saving ventilation system in private houses, apartments and commercial premises during the construction or major renovation. One of the main elements of the system is flexible corrugated air ducts made of impact-resistant plastic. These ducts have a small diameter, which allows installing them in the floor, wall or above a suspended ceiling taking up minimum space. Such air ducts are reliable, durable and capable of withstanding high loads, in particular the concrete floor screed pressure.

In order to expand the capabilities of BlauFast system, Blauberg Ventilatoren launched the manufacture of semi-rigid air ducts with a larger cross-section (90 mm in diameter). Such a solution would allow for the design of ventilation systems with greater efficiency, as well as reduce the number of ducts used at locations where several are required. The inner surface of air ducts is smooth, which reduces air resistance and therefore increases ventilation efficiency, reduces noise levels and makes it easier to clean the ducts.