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17 may 2018
BlauFast semi-rigid air duct system: long service life, compact footprint and quick installation
Supply and exhaust ventilation helps to ensure proper air exchange for a healthy breathing environment and occupant comfort.

However, in order to achieve maximum efficiency ventilation systems require a properly designed air duct system made from high-quality components.

The modular BlauFast system which is equally suitable for apartments, houses or commercial spaces was developed by Blauberg engineers in response to the customers’ need of a solution that would offer installation convenience and space savings. The system includes a range of semi-rigid air ducts, vertically or horizontally mounted headers, plenum boxes that can be installed within floor, wall or ceiling spaces, ventilation grilles and diffusers as well as all the necessary fittings to facilitate and speed up the installation process.

The semi-rigid air ducts, the core element of the system, are available in 63 mm or 75 mm diameters. Being extremely slim these ducts can be concealed in floors, walls or ceilings taking a minimum amount of space. The ducts are reliable and durable thanks to the choice of material which can handle substantial loads – for example, a concrete blinding coat.

The smooth inner surface of the semi-rigid ducts reduces air resistance and noise. Besides providing an overall improvement of ventilation efficiency this also facilitates air duct maintenance and cleaning.

The BlauFast semi-rigid air duct system is compatible with the BlauPlast conventional plastic ducts to address most challenging geometrical constraints to air duct routing.

You can use the online Blauberg Selector tool to select all the necessary BlauFast components for your particular application. Just specify the basic parameters of the serviced space and let the software do all the complex calculations.