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09 december 2020
Compact and quiet Iso-RF EC fans
Blauberg Iso-RF EC is a new series of inline centrifugal fans in a sound-insulated casing designed for supply and exhaust ventilation systems in premises with high requirements to the noise level and having limited space for mounting.

The main advantage of Iso-RF EC fans is its compact size and high level of sound adsorption. Depending on the modification, the height of the fans is within the range of 280 to 411 mm, which opens up a wide range of mounting options. Due to its small size, the fan may be mounted, for example, above a suspended ceiling. The casing of the fan is heat- and sound-insulated with a 50 mm layer of non-combustible mineral wool. The inner surface of the insulation layer is made of perforated metal sheet and the round connecting spigots are equipped with rubber seals, which enhances sound absorption properties of the fan.

Iso-RF EC fans are offered in six standards sizes compatible with round air ducts of 100, 125, 150, 160, 200 and 250 mm. Depending on the standard size, the air flow capacity of the fans is within the range from 353 to 1,682 m³/h. The fan models are equipped with reliable and energy-efficient ЕС motors that ensure optimal control within the whole range of the fan rotation speeds.

A distinctive feature of the new fans is utilisation of forward curved impeller blades. This design in comparison to fans with backward curved impeller blades has a number of advantages. In particular, it ensures a lower level of generated noise, which Iso-RF EC fans have in the range of 33–41 dBA. Moreover, such fans allow utilisation of smaller diameter air ducts while retaining high air flow capacity.