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04 april 2024
Energy-efficient and stylish ventilation by Blauberg Ventilatoren at the MCE 2024 exhibition
The Mostra Convegno Expocomfort (MCE) 2024 exhibition, held in Milan in mid-March, was another opportunity for our company to demonstrate its latest ventilation developments.

Mostra Convegno Expocomfort is one of the world's largest platforms for demonstrating technologies and equipment for heating, water supply, ventilation and air conditioning. This year, the exhibition brought together about 1,700 companies from 141 countries in a single place. More than 120 thousand guests were able to learn about new products in the industry, including new products by Blauberg Ventilatoren.

The Blauberg domestic ventilation section was already represented by well – known design models, as well as a brand-new one: the Qubit centrifugal fan for high-resistance air duct systems. A special centrifugal impeller of unique design enables Qubit to create a powerful air flow, which is sufficient to overcome pressure drops in extended air ducts.

For multi-storey residential and public buildings with a single-pipe ventilation system, we introduced the new Valeo Plus exhaust centrifugal fans with an air flow of up to 100 m3/h. Such devices are made in two versions (for flush and surface mounting) and feature very low power consumption: 18.5 W only. An interesting solution is to use a removable front panel with a rotation leeway of +/- 5 degrees, which enables you to hide the irregularities made while mounting.

The guests' special attention was paid to the Reneo-Fit D, Reneo D, Reneo D 100 and Reneo S air handling units, which are distinguished by their stylish design. The units' casings are made of foamed polypropylene. Reneo air handling units are controlled with a smartphone using the Blauberg Home app. Applied integration solutions make it possible to use Reneo units within the Smart Home system, as well as in the BMS building management system using the ModBUS protocol. We will remind you that last year the Reneo-Fit compact AHU was awarded the prestigious Design Plus award powered by ISH in Germany.

The new Komfort Roto EC S 401 air handling unit was also equally popular. Many stand visitors noted the AHU's compact size, optimal combination of technical characteristics, the additional spigot for kitchen extraction hood, as well as a rotary regenerator, the advantages of which include the absence of condensate, maintaining comfortable air humidity and high frost resistance. The new AHU provides an air flow of up to 447 m3/h, high heat recovery efficiency (up to 89%) and low noise level (37 dBA).

Traditionally, BlauAir modular air handling units could also be seen on our stand. The key advantage of such units is modularity: the devices consist of different functional sections, which can be connected in any combination at the customer's request. This comprehensive solution enables you to create a compact, high-performance and fully equipped ventilation system in any building as soon as possible.

Among the inline fans, noise-insulated mixed-type inWave type fans with an updated internal ventilation unit were especially popular among the stand's visitors. High energy efficiency of fans is provided by motors with low energy consumption, and a low noise level is achieved due to the special design of the inner part of the casing, the impeller and the air rectifying device.

The decentralized ventilation section was represented by domestic VENTO Expert heat exchangers, a new unit line in the new VENTO InHome Wi-Fi design, another new line: Freshpoint indoor heat recovery air handling units, as well as more efficient Civic EC and Hybrid Max units.

A lot of public spaces – cafes, restaurants, industrial bakeries, etc. - contain kitchens, where the air warms up to high temperatures and contains a large amount of volatile odorous substances.

In this regard, ventilation of such rooms is subject to higher requirements. The new Iso-VK 355 4D and Iso-VK EC noise-insulated centrifugal fans presented at our stand meet all of the requirements. These devices are designed for air extraction at temperatures up to 120 °C, which also allows them to be used to remove gases that are released during welding operations.

Participation in the Mostra Convegno Expocomfort 2024 exhibition enabled our company to present its new products and solutions to a professional audience, exchange experience, hold a number of meetings with current business partners and establish new promising contacts.

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