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24 march 2020
Freshbox 100 WiFi is in the TOP-7 best energy-saving innovations of 2020 according to Building Times
At the beginning of March the Blauberg Ventilatoren сompany received the EnergieGenie Award.

Every year this award is presented during the Energiesparmesse in Wels (Austria) with the support from the Austrian Ministry for Transport, Innovation and Technology and the federal land Upper Austria. The prize is usually awarded to the international manufacturing companies, showing the best results in the field of innovative energy-saving technologies. This year Blauberg Ventilatoren with the ventilation unit Freshbox 100 WiFi has entered the TOP-7, leaving about 1450 participating companies behind.

Freshbox 100 WiFi is a single-room ventilation unit serving to create comfortable microclimate in apartments, private houses, and small offices. The unit makes use of EC motors with the efficiency of up to 90% to supply pure and remove stale air. This type of motors consumes 30% less electrical energy compared to asynchronous motors. While switching speed, EC motors do not lose efficiency, which ensures rational consumption of electrical energy by the unit. A counter-flow heat exchanger is another energy-efficient solution of the Freshbox 100 WiFi unit. The use of the counter-flow heat exchanger with the heat recovery efficiency of up to 96% helps reduce the load on heating systems in the cold season and air conditioning systems in the warm season.

The Freshbox 100 WiFi units are equipped with the state-of-the-art automation, providing a wide range of functions, such as unit control via Internet using a smartphone, for example, from anywhere in the world.