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21 april 2021
KOMFORT EC DBE/DBW: upgraded series with new capabilities
Blauberg Ventilatoren product assortment has been complemented with an upgraded series of KOMFORT EC DBE/DBW suspended air handling units with heat recovery.

These units are used to ensure efficient supply and exhaust ventilation in commercial, office and other public and industrial spaces.

These ventilation units are designed for ceiling mounting and due to small casing height (from 28 cm) they can be mounted immediately under a suspended ceiling. Upgraded units have the same air flow capacity (up to 4300 m³/h) and are equipped with energy-efficient ЕС motors with high energy conversion efficiency and low noise level. For additional heating of the supply air KOMFORT EC DBE units use an electrical heater, and KOMFORT EC DBW units use a water (glycol) heater.

Unlike previous versions of the units, upgraded KOMFORT EC DBE 300/550/900 may be optionally equipped with enthalpy cross-flow heat exchanger, which ensures passive humidification during cold seasons and reduces load on the AC system during hot seasons. Due to moisture transfer, such heat exchangers generate much less condensation. Models with increased air flow capacity (KOMFORT EC DBE 2000/3000) are equipped with aluminum plate cross heat exchangers. All used heat exchangers ensure full separation of air flows, which eliminates the possibility of odors or contamination transfer from the exhaust air to the supply air.

Particular attention should be paid to the new S21 automation system used in the units, which replaced the S11 system. Such automation system allows integrating the units into a Smart House system and Building Management System (BMS), as well as to control them from any location in the world via the Internet using Blauberg AHU mobile app. Optionally, the equipment may be controlled with the help of wire and wireless remote-control panels. It is also worth noting the possibility to perform remote diagnostics and servicing of the units due to the Blauberg Cloud Server.

Introduction of the upgraded series of air handling units allowed the company to expand the customers’ capabilities by offering them state-of-the-art, easy to use and energy efficient ventilation solution.