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05 august 2020
New Civic single-room ventilation units with air flow capacity up to 1,200 m³/h
CIVIC single-room air-handling unit series by Blauberg Ventilatoren has been complemented with more efficient CIVIC EC DB 1000 and CIVIC EC LB 1200 models.

The new models are ideally suited for arranging simple but efficient ventilation in educational institutions, offices and other public or commercial premises.

With the introduction of CIVIC single-room air-handling unit series by Blauberg, the arranging of ventilation in any-purpose premises has become easier, faster and more cost-efficient. Installation of such a system does not require performance of renovation works and mounting of air ducts, which allows avoiding any inconveniences and does not hinder any educational or working processes. Single-room ventilation units take up minimal space and may be installed both on the floor and under a ceiling. Moreover, all units are equipped with air filters and heat exchangers, which ensures supply of purified air of a comfortable temperature without heat losses. Due to those advantages, CIVIC series units provide an optimal solution for arranging a ventilation system in existing buildings undergoing renovations with the purpose of increasing its energy-efficiency.

Considering the increased demand for the units demonstrated by educational institutions, Blauberg Ventilatoren has decided to expand the model range by complementing it with more efficient CIVIC EC DB 1000 and CIVIC EC LB 1200 models. The new models provide air flow capacity up to 1,240 m3/h, which significantly broadens the possibilities and area of their application. Such equipment is an ideal solution for utilization in premises requiring increased air flow, such as in classrooms, pre-school institutions, auditoriums of various educational institutions, offices, etc.

Expanding the Blauberg CIVIC series range also involved updating the control systems. The product series was complemented with unit models equipped with S21 integrated automation system. Such automation system allows the units to be integrated into a Smart House system or Building Management System (BMS), as well as to control them from any location in the world via Wi-Fi using Blauberg AHU mobile app. Also worth noting is the possibility of remote diagnostics and service maintenance of the equipment thanks to Blauberg Cloud Server cloud technology. Traditionally, new CIVIC units are equipped with energy-efficient ЕС motors with high efficiency rate (up to 90 %) and low noise levels. The units are also equipped with counter-flow polystyrene heat exchangers ensuring heat recovery efficiency up to 91 %.

Launch of CIVIC EC DB 1000 and CIVIC EC LB 1200 models into production allowed the company to expand its range of such equipment complementing it with more efficient units and answer the increased demand for such equipment. At present, Blauberg Ventilatoren produces a broad range of single-room air handling units and may offer any solution with air flow capacity ranging from 30 to 1,240 m3/h, which allows the company to hold confidently leading positions on the global market of this type of ventilation products.