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17 september 2020
New KOMFORT Roto unit: room ventilation + kitchen hood
Blauberg Ventilatoren has developed KOMFORT Roto EC S6(E)K 200, a new heat recovery air handling unit.

A new ventilation device has an air flow capacity up to 270 m³/h and is designed for small residential premises.

The unit is designed specifically for wall mounting in the kitchens of private houses, cottages, and apartments and equipped with a built-in kitchen exhaust hood for that purpose. This solution allows not only to organize the necessary air exchange throughout the room, but also to ensure the waste air exhaust in the kitchen. Due to its compact size, the device is mounted on the wall above the hob. The unit has a neat design; furthermore, it is possible to decorate it to match the kitchen style.

The new ventilation device is equipped with a rotary heat exchanger, which allows disposing up to 92% of heat. The advantages of a rotary heat exchanger include absence of condensation, maintenance of comfortable air humidity, and high resistance to freezing. No need for freeze protection allows a rotary heat exchanger to reach a high annual average coefficient of waste energy disposal.

KOMFORT Roto EC S6(E)K 200 units are equipped with energy efficient EC motors. These motors have the best possible ratio between consumed power and performance and meet the latest requirements for development of energy-saving and highly efficient ventilation. A pair of built-in filters with G4 and F7 cleaning classes is traditionally used to clean the supply air to an accomplished standard. KOMFORT Roto EC S6EK modification is equipped with an electric heater, which allows additional air heating if recovery does not allow reaching the set value of the supply air temperature.

A built-in automation system provides the user with a wide range of control options. You can set and change the unit operation parameters using Blauberg AHU mobile application via Wi-Fi.

S21 controller makes it possible to integrate the ventilation device into Smart House or Building Management System (BMS). It is likely that users will highly appreciate the possibility to get the unit remotely diagnosed and serviced owing to Blauberg Cloud Server cloud service. If necessary, the devices can be equipped with required humidity, carbon dioxide, smoke, PM2.5 and VOC sensors.

Production of KOMFORT Roto EC S6(E)K 200 air handling units allowed Blauberg Ventilatoren to expand the possibilities for consumers, offering them a modern, convenient, and energy efficient solution for kitchens.