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16 august 2019
Presenting the new FRESHBOX 100 WiFi single-room ventilation units
The new models with an air flow of up to 100 m3/h ensure proper air exchange in habitable spaces while reducing installation costs to a minimum.

The FRESHBOX 100 WiFi models combine high heat exchange efficiency and an intelligent control system in a stylishly designed package. 

One of the biggest advantages of FRESHBOX 100 WiFi is the built-in wireless module for Wi-Fi control. All you have to do is install the Blauberg Freshbox application, which is available on App Store and Play Market, on your tablet or smartphone. The units can be controlled remotely or easily integrated into a smart home system.

With the multifunctional control system of the new units you can adjust the air supply and exhaust rate, set a weekly operation schedule, set the timer or receive automatic filter replacement alerts. You can also control the units by means of the touch-sensitive control panel or the remote control.

The new models incorporate the latest energy efficiency technology. Thanks to state-of-the-art heat exchangers with polystyrene cores the heat exchange efficiency reaches 96 %. The units are also available in the FRESHBOX 100 ERV WiFi variant equipped with enthalpy heat exchangers for energy recovery.

The model range includes variants for cold climate applications featuring electric air booster heaters and pre-heaters, which help to warm up the air supplied into the treated room to a comfortable temperature or protect the heat exchanger against freezing.

FRESHBOX 100 Wi-Fi units are installed directly into an outer wall of the treated room, and air is exchanged through the ducts inside the wall, which eliminates the need for installing a dedicated system of air ducts inside the space.