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Blauberg DPWQ40200

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Self-calibrating sensor with microprocessor control for measuring carbon dioxide content in the air within the range from 0 to 2,000 million⁻¹ (parts per million). The sensor is mounted onto a wall or a mounting box inside the serviced space. The unit is powered from a 24 V AC/DC low-current electric mains.
DPWQ40200 CO₂ sensor has 2 analogue outputs: 0-10 V and 4-20 mA. An analogue output provides for stepless fan speed control (requires an EC motor fan or a frequency drive). With stepless control the fan speed is changed in proportion to carbon dioxide concentration changes. The CO₂ content in the air is measured by means of a non-dispersive infrared analyser (NDIR).
Parameter DPWQ40200 Measurement unit
Power source 24 V AC/DC -
Gas analyser optical (NDIR) -
CO2 measurement range 0-2,000 million– ¹ (parts per million) of CO2 -
CO2 output signal 0-10 V -
CO2 measurement precision ± 30 million– ¹ (parts per million), ± 5% of maximum value -
Dimensions 95x97x30 mm
Ingress protection rating IP55 -
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DPWQ40200 - data sheet (pdf 344.69Kb)
DPWQ40200 - image (png 535.88Kb)
Connection diagram
Connection diagram