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Blauberg Iso Box-F 150 G4-F8-Carbon L

Sound-insulated centrifugal fans with filters. Maximum air capacity up to 330 m³/h.
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  • Replaceble filters

Supply ventilation systems installed in premises with high requirements to clean air and the noise level.Suitable for limited mounting space.Compatible with Ø 100 up to 200 mm round air ducts.

The casing is made of polymer-coated steel, internally filled with soundinsulating layer.Internal airtight terminal box for power supply.Easy access for filter maintenance.


Iso Box-F series: four-pole asynchronous motor with external rotor and centrifugal impeller with forward curved blades.
Iso Box-F V2 series: two-speed asynchronous motor with external rotor and centrifugal impeller with forward curved blades.
Equipped with ball bearings for longer service life.Integrated thermal protection with automatic restart.Dynamically balanced impeller.

Built-in filters provide efficient air filtration. Up to three filters can be installed into the fan.G4 filter provides primary filtration. At the second stage, the secondary filter F8 or HEPA filter H13 can be installed. F8 filter arrests up to 98 % of PM 2.5 dust particles. H13 filter arrest up to 99 % of PM2.5 dust particles, pollen and bacteria. For additional removal of odorss and gases carbon filter can be installed.Quick access to replaceable filters through service panel.


Iso Box-F series: Smooth speed control with an external CDT E1.8 thyristor controller (available upon separate order).
Iso Box-F V2 series: Two-speed control with the external CDP-2/10 speed switch (available upon separate order).


Due to compact design is the ideal solution for mounting in limited spaces, including the space behind false ceiling.Any mounting position.Wall or ceiling mounting with fixing brackets supplied as a standard.

Parameter Iso Box-F 150 G4-F8-Carbon L Measurement unit
Voltage 230 V
Phase 1 ˜
Frequency 50/60 Hz
Power 61 W
Current 0.25 A
RPM 1300 min-1
Air capacity 92 l/s
Air capacity 330 m³/h
Sound pressure level at 3 m distance 25 dBА
EC motor no -
Temperature of transported air -25…+40 °С
Ingress protection rating IPX4 -
Casing material polymer coated steel -
Outdoor mounting no -
Sound-insulated casing yes -
Air duct for round air ducts -
Connection diameter 150 mm
Design centrifugal -
PM 2.5 Ratio 92 %
Type Supply -
SEC class C -
Weight 17.08 kg
Mounting ceiling mounting, wall mounting -
ErP - -
Capacity diagram
Capacity diagram
  • Selection method:
  • Air capacity:
  • Pressure:
Operating point
  • Air capacity: --
  • Pressure: ---
Documents archieve
Documents archieve
Iso Box-F (V2) - data sheet (pdf 849.99Kb)
Iso Box-F (R) - user manual (pdf 2.05Mb)
Iso Box-F (V2) - image (png 220.43Kb)
Designation key
Designation key
Series Duct diameter [mm] Filters Motor modification Speed
Iso Box-F 100; 150; 200   G4; G4-F8; G4-F8-Carbon; G4-H13; G4-H13-Carbon _: standard Model
 L: low-powered motor
_: one speed
V2: two-speed

Type Dimensions, [mm]
Ø D L H B L1 B1 L2 B2
Iso Box-F 150 G4-F8-Carbon L 150 705 250 415 805 508 650 458
Replaceble filters
Replaceble filters
  G4 Panel filter F8 Panel filter H13 Panel filter Carbon panel filter
Iso Box-F 150 L FP 220x400x47 G4 FP 220x400x47 F8 FP 220x400x47 H13 FP 220x400x47 C
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