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Blauberg Tower-H EC 250

Roof centrifugal fans with EC motor. Maximum air capacity up to 1750 m³/h.
EAN codeEAN4058448017629
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Exhaust ventilation systems installed in various premises.Roof mounting.Any roof types or vertical ventilation shafts.For arranging energy-saving and controllable ventilation systems.


The casing is made of steel with a polymer atmospheric resistant coating.Horizontal air exhaust.The fan is equipped with a terminal box for connection to power mains.The fan is rated for continuous operation always connected to power mains.The impeller has a protecting grille.The upper cover is equipped with two eye bolts for easy fan lifting on the roof with hoisting mechanism.A connecting plate is provided to facilitate mounting to the roof surface or to the mounting frame.


High-efficient direct current EC motor with external rotor and backward curved blades.EC technologies meet the latest requirements to arrange highefficient energy saving ventilation.EC motors have energy demand by 50 % less as compared to standard motors and have efficiency up to 90 %.EC motors are featured with high performance, low noise level and well controllable total speed range.Overheating protection by built-in thermal switches with automatic restart.Dynamically balanced turbine.


The fan is controlled with a 0-10 V external control signal, e.g. CDT E/0-10 speed controller for EC motors.The fan capacity is regulated by various parameters, including temperature level, pressure, smoke, etc.EC motor changes its rotation speed synchronously with the fluctuation of the control parameter to ensure the best suitable air flow.The fan is compatible with 50 and 60 Hz power mains with the same maximum speed.The parameters may be set and controlled due to data exchange between a PC and the fan.The fans can be integrated into a unified decentralized computerized network to adjust ventilation system with respect to specific user's demands.


Roof mounting directly above a ventilation shaft or an air duct.The fan is attached to a square air duct or to the MRDL/MRIDL mounting frame (see accessories).The counterflange FDL mounted on the fan bottom (see accessories) is designed for the fan connection to a round air duct.The KDL backdraft dampers (see Accessories) are designed to prevent air back drafting when the fan is off.The VDL flexible connectors (see Accessories) are designed to absorb vibration from the fan to the air duct.External terminal box for connection to power mains.

Parameter Tower-H EC 250 Measurement unit
Voltage 200-277 V
Phase 1 ˜
Frequency 50/60 Hz
Power 0.485 W
Current 3.0 A
Maximum air capacity 1750 m³/h
Sound pressure level at 3 m distance 47 dBА
RPM 3580 min-1
Max. operating temperature -25 +60 °С
EC motor yes -
Casing material polymer coated steel -
Outdoor mounting yes -
Sound-insulated casing no -
Air duct for round air ducts -
Design centrifugal -
Type Exhaust -
Weight 16.0 kg
Mounting for roof -
Documents archieve
Documents archieve
Tower-H EC - data sheet (pdf 386.76Kb)
Tower-H EC - user manual (pdf 2.26Mb)
Tower-H EC - image (png 605.45Kb)

Type Dimensions [mm]
D d H L L1 L2
Tower-H EC 250 285 11 289 435 330 411