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Blauberg TwinBox EC 400

Duct mixed-type fans in sound-insulated casing. Maximum air flow up to 4410 m³/h.
EAN codeEAN4058448087134
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Exhaust ventilation systems for commercial, office and other public or industrial premises with limited installation space.The TwinBox EC unit ensures uninterrupted ventilation operation: if one fan fails, the second fan automatically switches on.

The modes are controlled by the controller, which is not included in the delivery set and must be ordered separately.Designed for connection to round air ducts with a diameter of 150 to 400 mm.


The fan casing is made of galvanized sheet steel using heat- and sound-insulation material.The round connecting spigots are rubber sealed.The hinged cover gives free access to the motors, simplifies installation and maintenance of the fans and ducts without dismantling.The air damper allows adjusting the direction of air flow. Controlled by the air flow.

The unit is equipped with high-efficient electronically commutated (EC) DC motors with mixed-type impellers.These state-of-the-art motors are the most advanced solution in energy efficiency today.The motors are equipped with built-in overheating protection.Ball bearings in the motor ensure long service life (40 000 hours).To achieve accurate performance, low noise levels and safe fan operation, each turbine is dynamically balanced during assembly.The motor ingress protection rating is IP44.


Thanks to the improved mixed-type impeller, which is a hybrid of axial and centrifugal impeller, the TwinBox EC unit has low power consumption and noise level with high performance.
The diffuser, the specially profiled impeller and the directing vanes at the outlet of the fan casing distribute air flow in such a way as to attain the best combination of high performance and high pressure at low noise level.


Allows tracking the motor failures and signalling them, as well as automatically switching the unit to operation with a functioning motor.The controller is not included in the delivery set and must be ordered separately.

The duct fans are intended for mounting to round air ducts.The fans are installed between the air ducts.While mounting the fan provide enough access for servicing and repair operations.


Automatic alternation of the active fan with preset switching period.Forced constant operation of the fan A. Forced constant operation of the fan B. Fan alarm. The failed fan is switched off, the second fan is switched on. The controller generates an error signal and corresponding indication.Fan speed control.Boost mode increases the performance of the fan. It is possible to set the time during which the fan will run in this mode.Test mode. Automatic alternation of the active fan with a period from 1 to 12 min.Checking motors at start-up.Possibility of connection to BMS.Possibility of connecting an external 0-10 V sensor. Possibility of connecting external devices (10 V and 24 V).

Parameter TwinBox EC 400 Measurement unit
Voltage 220-240 V
Phase 1 ˜
Frequency 50/60 Hz
Voltage 220-240 V
Current 4.65 A
Power 737 W
RPM 2370 min-1
Maximum air flow 1225 l/s
Maximum air flow 4410 m³/h
Sound pressure level at 3 m 48 dBА
Max. operating temperature –25…+55 °С
Motor IP rating IP44 -
Ingress protection rating IPX4 -
EC motor yes -
Casing material galvanized steel -
Outdoor mounting no -
Sound-insulated casing yes -
Air duct for round air ducts -
Design mixed-flow -
Type Exhaust -
Weight 129 kg
Mounting Inline -
ErP 2016, 2018 -
Capacity diagram
Capacity diagram
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  • Air capacity:
  • Pressure:
Operating point
  • Air capacity: --
  • Pressure: ---
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TwinBox EC - data sheet (pdf 697.29Kb)
TwinBox EC - image (png 344.19Kb)
TwinBox (EC) - user's manual (pdf 1.24Mb)
Designation key
Designation key
Series Motor type Duct diameter [mm]
TwinBox EC: electronically commutated motor 150; 200; 250; 315; 355; 400

Model Overall dimensions [mm]
∅ D H L L1 W W1
TwinBox EC 400 399 551 1358 1194 1182 1101
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