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Blauberg VENTO Expert A50-1 Pro

Heat recovery single-room units. Maximum air capacity up to 50 m³/h.
EAN codeEAN4058448022999
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Arrangement of efficient energy-saving supply and exhaust single-room ventilation in flats, houses, cottages, social and commercial premises.Reducing heat losses caused by ventilation due to heat recovery. Humidity balance and regulated air exchange create individually controlled microclimate.Coordinated network based on several integrated single-room ventilation units with central control.
vento expert a50-1 pro design
Easy maintenance.
Indoor unit is opened by
pressing the latches on
both sides.
One of the best regeneration
efficiency on the market due to
innovative hexagonal structure of
the heat exchanger cells.
Integrated automatic air
shutters prevent air back
The specially designed
front panel can be closed manually
to ensure 100 % air tightness and
protect against wind impact.
Warm stale air is extracted from the premise, flows through the ceramic regenerator and transfers its heat energy and moisture to it.As the ceramic regenerator gets warmed up, the unit switches to the supply mode. Clean cold intake air flows through the regenerator and absorbs accumulated heat and humidity.When the ceramic regenerator is cooled down, the unit switches to the extract air mode.
Control of the unit operation mode is performed by means of sensor control panel located on the unit casing or a remote controller.
The unit is equipped with a humidity sensor for indoor humidity control.
Connection of the units in series ensures balanced ventilation. First unit in the chain becomes the master one.
Ventilation mode of the entire system can be controlled by means of the control panel on the master unit.
A signal from the remote control is received by the master unit only.
The unit is designed for through-the-wall installation inside a prepared hole in an outer wall of the building.The best ventilation solution is pairwise installation of reverse phase connected units. Some units ensure supply of fresh air to the room and the other units extract air from the premise. This way the most efficient balanced ventilation is arranged. In case of brand new construction, units are mounted in two stages:
  • Pre-installation at the stage of the indoor finishing and outer decorative wall finishing. It includes installation of an air duct, an outer ventilation hood and cable installation;
  • Final mounting before commissioning of a house. It includes installation of a regenerator with a fan and filters and mounting and wiring of an indoor unit with a controller and shutters.
Parameter VENTO Expert A50-1 Pro (1 speed) VENTO Expert A50-1 Pro (2 speed) VENTO Expert A50-1 Pro (3 speed) Measurement unit
Voltage 100-230 100-230 100-230 V
Frequency 50/60 50/60 50/60 Hz
Voltage 100-230 100-230 100-230 V
Current 0.025 0.03 0.039 A
Power 3.61 4.15 5.20 W
Air capacity in airing mode 15 30 50 m³/h
Air capacity in heat regeneration mode 7.5 15 25 m³/h
Sound pressure level at 1 m 20 27 30 dB(А)
RPM 800 1300 1900 min-1
Sound pressure level at 3 m 11 18 21 dB(А)
Temperature of transported air -30…+50 -30…+50 -30…+50 °С
Ingress protection rating IP24 IP24 IP24 -
Filter G3 (F8 PM2.5 > 75 %) G3 (F8 PM2.5 > 75 %) G3 (F8 PM2.5 > 75 %) -
Regeneration efficiency in accordance with DIBt LÜ-A 20 97 90 82 %
Outdoor sound pressure attenuation in accordance with DIN EN 20140 42 42 42 dB(А)
SEC class A A A -
Mounting wall mounting wall mounting wall mounting -
Documents archieve
Documents archieve
VENTO Expert A50-1 Pro - data sheet (pdf 1.23Mb)
VENTO Expert A50-1 Pro - user manual (pdf 8.97Mb)
VENTO Expert A50-1 Pro - image (png 254.81Kb)
Outer ventilation hood AH 160 Duo - installation instruction (PDF 963.72Kb)
Outer ventilation hood AH-5 160 Duo - installation instruction (PDF 1.1Mb)

vento expert a50-1 pro overall dimensions

Pre-installation Kit VENTO Expert A50-1 Pro Includes:
  • An Air duct;
  • An AH 160 outer ventilation hood;
  • A plastic foam plug.
Pre-installation Kit VENTO Expert A50-1 S Pro Includes:
  • An air duct;
  • AH-S 160 outer ventilation hood;
  • A plastic foam plug.
Completion Kit VENTO Expert A50-1 Includes:
  • An internal unit with a heat regenerator, a fan and G3 filters;
  • An indoor unit with a controller and shutters;
  • A remote control.
FP VENTO Expert A50 G3 Includes:
  • G3 filters, 2 pcs.
FP VENTO Expert A50 F8 Filtration rate PM2.5 > 75 %
  • F8 filter reduces airflow of the unit down to 40 m3/h.
Remote control FB-VENTO Expert Remote control unit
KIT BlauPlast white 160 / KIT BlauPlast chrome 160 Angular mounting kit for wall with standard thickness