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AHU selection program


Flexible system designed to create commercial offers, which are in complete accordance with the customer requirements.Flexible system allows to arrange sections in a non-standard way, considering all the design peculiarities.


Example of an air supply unit arrangement with a mixing chamber

14 standard sizes with performance range from 1500 m³/h to 128000 m³/h

Combined units construction

Separate units construction

Non-standard sizes are available upon request. Selection of functional elements, such as heat exchangers, filters, fans, standby motors, etc. is available. Detailed technical description of selected units, including fan curves and representation of processes in the Mollier diagram for heat exchangers. Integration with CAD-system allows to generate a set of design documentation for automated manufacturing. A layout of units and separate sections drawings is in .dwg, .dxf, .pdf.



BL02   BL03   BL04   BL06   BL09   BL12   BL15
BL20   BL27   BL35   BL45   BL55   BL65   BL85
Service Access Side     Supply Units     Exhaust Units
L   R     SU   SU/O     EXH   EXH/O
Left side   Right side     Indoor mounting   Outdoor mounting     Indoor mounting   Outdoor mounting


    Rotary Heat Exchanger       Plate Heat Exchanger    
    SE/R   SE/R/O       SE/P   SE/P/O    
    Indoor mounting   Outdoor mounting       Indoor mounting   Outdoor mounting    


H   E   C   DX   F   FC   SP
Water heater   Electric heater   Cooling section (water coil)   Cooling section (evaporator)   Pocket filter   Panel filter   Centrifugal fan in a spiral casing
EC   S   HU   MC   A   IB   D
Fan with EC motor   Silencer   Humidifier   Mixing chamber   Control system   Inspection block   Air damper
    B   AW   MB   FLC   RF    
    Non-standard section   Galvanized weather protection hood   Base frame   Flexible connection   Rooftop    


BL 09 L/SE/P/O-H-C-S A heat recovery air handling unit for outdoor mounting equipped with a plate heat exchanger, a water heater, a cooling section and a silencer.Total capacity: 9000 m³/h. Service access side: left.
BL 15 R/SU/O-FC-E-DX-S-A Air supply unit for outdoor mounting equipped with a panel filter, an electric heater, a cooling section and a silencer.Supplied with a high-tech control system.Total capacity: 15000 m³/h. Service access side: right.


     Recommended performance area    Maximum performance area


Unit size BL 02 BL 03 BL 04 BL 06 BL 09 BL 12 BL 15 BL 20 BL 27 BL 35 BL 45 BL 55 BL 65 BL 85
Nominal air flow [m³/h] 2000 3000 4000 6000 9000 12000 15000 20000 27000 35000 45000 55000 65000 85000
Cross section height [mm] 500 550 550 630 790 790 980 1080 1160 1240 1612 1900 1892 2200
Cross section width [mm] 570 670 770 880 1200 1330 1330 1530 2170 2170 2292 2500 2992 3400


BlauAir - data sheet

BlauAir - operation manual

BlauAir - user's manual

BlauAir - image