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Control system


BlauAir control system provides maximum reliability, easy operation and installation.

CONTROL SYSTEM IS AVAILABLE IN THREE VERSIONS: Control block in a polymer casing, with external fan speed and electric heater controls; Control block in a metal casing. Fan speed and triac electric heater controllers (if included) are installed inside the switchboard; Plug-and-play unit in a separate unit section. All control elements are pre-mounted inside the unit.

CONTROL BLOCK PROVIDES (DEPENDING ON MODEL) THE FOLLOWING FUNCTIONS: Power supply of all the unit elements. Active overload protection. Operation and error light signals. Start and stop of the system. Water or electric heater control. The system includes the necessary external and supply air temperature sensors, water (glycol) heater frosting protection sensors, electric heater overheating protection (safety and emergency thermostats). Air blowing of electric heaters, water coils pre-heating during cold season. Water cooling coil mixing valve or condenser unit block control. Smooth bypass valve control of a plate heat exchanger (active frosting protection). Air damper actuator control. Smooth rotary heat exchanger VFD control. Air filters clogging alarm. Fan capacity control:

  • Smooth regulation, by VFD, which provide soft start, fan stop and overheating protection;
  • Stair-step regulation, by an autotransformer;
  • Without regulation.

Demand controlled ventilation, by CO2, temperature, RH level sensors, etc. Daily and weekly schedule. Air ventilation system shut-down on the fire alarm signal. Integration into building management systems through installation of one more interface unit.


Additional option – full factory electric wiring includes: Installation of air damper actuators. Routing of contacts from actuators to the terminal box. Installation of differential pressure switches in filter sections. Installation of a relay actuation threshold to the necessary level (final pressure drop according to the selection). Installation of frost protection thermostats in water heating coils sections. Installation of the VFD in the rotary heat exchanger section. Installation of bypass damper actuators in the plate heat exchanger section. Routing of all electric contacts in the electric heater sections. Routing of all electric contacts in the fan sections. Installation and adjustment of all temperature and humidity sensors inside the unit. All the electric contacts are routed to the junction box, which is mounted in one of the sections. Plug-and-play option implies the possibility of shipment in separate blocks. In this case joints and connection boxes are installed between the sections.


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