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Blauberg EVA (rectangular)

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For damping of vibration generated by fans or ventilation equipment and transferred to air ducts for ventilation systems installed in various premises. For partial temperature distortion compensation in the ductworks. Compatible with rectangular 400x200 up to 1000x500 mm air ducts.


Mounting with galvanized bolts and clamps that fix the end flanges of the connector to the mating flanges of the air ducts or any other ventilation system components.


Two galvanized steel flanges. Connecting vibration-isolating material is made of nylon reinforced polyethylene fabric. Not designed for mechanical load and cannot be used as a load-carrying structure.

Modification name
EVA 100x50
EVA 40x20
EVA 50x25
EVA 50x30
EVA 60x30
EVA 60x35
EVA 70x40
EVA 80x50
EVA 90x50
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EVA (rectangular) - data sheet (pdf 219.32Kb)
EVA (rectangular) - image (png 475.76Kb)
Designation key
Designation key
Series Flange size (WxH) [cm]
EVA 40x20; 50x25; 50x30; 60x30; 60x35; 70x40; 80x50; 90x50; 100x50