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Blauberg Extero

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Exhaust ventilation systems installed in various premises.External wall mounting from outside.Compatible with Ø 100 up to 200 mm round air ducts.


Steel casing with a special polymer atmospheric resistant coating.Specially designed casing protects motor against direct sprays of water.Vertical air exhaust downwards through a protecting screen against birds and rodents.Back side has a special sealant for tight contact and adaption to the wall.Connecting spigot is equipped with rubber seal.


Smooth or step speed control with a thyristor or autotransformer speed controller (available upon order) connected to the maximum speed terminal of the motor. 


Single-phase external rotor motor with a centrifugal impeller with backward curved blades.Equipped with ball bearings for longer service life. Integrated thermal protection with automatic restart.Dynamically balanced turbine.


Vertical mounting on external walls of buildings and premises.Flexible air duct is fixed on fan spigot with a clamp.The fan with connected air duct is fixed at the wall on a mounting plate. Power supply through the external terminals. After mounting of the ventilator a protection cover is mounted over the mounting plate.

Modification name
Extero 100
Extero 125
Extero 150
Extero 160
Extero 200
Documents archieve
Documents archieve
Extero - data sheet (pdf 184.02Kb)
Extero - user manual (pdf 2.17Mb)
Extero - image (png 826.94Kb)
Extero - certificate GS (pdf 200.58Kb)
Extero - certificate LVD (pdf 2.6Mb)