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Blauberg Freshbox 110

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High efficiency ventilation of a single room or a small appartment.Flush or surface mounting option.Optional connection of supply and extract 75 mm semi-rigid air ducts for flush mounted Freshbox 110 K1 unit.

Optional connection of 100 mm extract air duct for surface mounted Freshbox 110 unit.Low noise level from 10 dB(A) at 3 m.High level of wind protection.Clean air with an ISO ePM1 65% / F7 supply filter.Easy installation.

Freshbox 110 (wall surface mounting) Freshbox 110 K1 (wall flush mounting)

1. Extract grille;2. Supply grille;3. Exhaust fan;4. Automatic air shutter;5. Drain pipe (HRV version);6. Supply filter;7. Supply fan;8. Controller;9. HRV or ERV core;10. Extract filter.

1. Extract ducts;2. Supply ducts;3. Exhaust fan;4. Air shutter (option);5. Drain pipe (HRV version);6. Supply filter;7. Supply fan;8. Controller;9. HRV or ERV heat exchanger;10. Extract filter.


The casing is made of sheet metal, painted white, with a layer of heat and sound insulation. The modern design allows Freshbox 110 to fit harmoniously into any interior. The front panel opens easily for filter maintenance. The unit is equipped with two 100 mm spigots for air intake and exhaust.

An automatic supply and axhaust air dampers are provided to prevent drafts when the unit is switched off.


The unit is equipped with high-efficient electronically commutated (EC) motors with an external rotor equipped with impellers with forward-curved blades. Such motors are currently the most advanced solution in the field of energy saving. EC motors are characterized by high performance and optimal control over the entire range of speeds. The undoubted advantage of electronically commutated motors is high efficiency (up to 90%).

Freshbox 110 units are equipped with a counter-flow heat exchanger.Freshbox 110 ERV units are equipped with a heat exchanger, which is made of enthalpy membrane and transfers heat and moisture.In the cold season the extract air heat and moisture are transferred to the supply air stream through the enthalpy membrane reducing the heat losses through ventilation.In the warm season, the heat and moisture of fresh intake air are transferred through the enthalpy membrane to the extract air. This allows for a considerable reduction of the supply air temperature and humidity which, in turn, reduces the air conditioning load. 


Supply air is cleaned by a Coarse 90 % / G4 cassette filter. An ePM1 65 % / F7 filter can be installed as an option.Extract air purification is performed by a Coarse 90 % / G4 cassette filter.

Control panel on the side surface of the unit.


On / offSpeed switchingHeat recovery modeSummer cooling modeFilter maintenance indication
Alarm indication

Wall surface mounting
Wall flush mounting
Modification name
Freshbox 110
Freshbox 110 ERV
Freshbox 110 K1
Freshbox 110 K1 ERV
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Documents archieve
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EH Freshbox - data sheet (pdf 171.24Kb)
Freshbox 110 - data sheet (pdf 1.67Mb)
Freshbox 110 - image (png 268.17Kb)
Freshbox 110 K1 - image (png 225.03Kb)
Freshbox 110 - user's manual (pdf 5.64Mb)
MS1 Freshbox 110 - installation instruction (pdf 205.07Kb)
MS Freshbox 110 - installation instruction (pdf 440.88Kb)
EH Freshbox - user's manual (pdf 1.86Mb)
Catalogue "Single-room ventilation for countries with hot and humid climates" (pdf 20.19Mb)
Designation key
Designation key
Series Rated air flow [m³/h] Mounting Heat exchanger type
Freshbox – decentralized ventilation unit 110

_ – surface mounting
K1 – flush mounting

_ – heat recovery
heat and humidity recovery
FP 176x160x22Coarse 90% / G4Extract filter FP 203x150x22Coarse 90% / G4Supply filter FP 203x150x22ePM1 65% / F7Supply filter option

MS Freshbox 110Mounting kit MS Freshbox 110
Mounting kit
MS Freshbox 110
Mounting kit
MS1 Freshbox 110Mounting kit forcorner mountingof the grille in the window opening MS1 Freshbox 110
Mounting kit forcorner mountingof the grille in the window opening
MS1 Freshbox 110
Mounting kit forcorner mountingof the grille in thewindow opening
AH Freshbox 110Supply and exhausthood AH Freshbox 110
Supply and exhausthood
AH Freshbox 110
Supply and exhausthood
CD-1CO2 sensor


CD-2CO2 sensor


CD-3CO2 sensor


HR-SHumidity sensor


EH FreshboxHeater


RKF 75 kitAir ducts with a lock rings
(4 pcs.)