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Air handling units (AHU) are rather complicated pieces of equipment to specify and order, because a vast array of choices is available, and because there is no single- number identifier (e.g., a «20 000 m3/h unit») that adequately describes desired product.

The selection of the unit you need can be done by one of two options:

  • Use BlauAir AHU Selection program and send us the data file;
  • Fill up and send us inquiry form.

In addition to size and type, in order to give you the optimal solution, our engineers must properly determine an air-handling unit’s required supply air temperature and volume; outside air temperatures in summer and winter; air filtration rate; heating and cooling air capacities; humidification and dehumidification capacities; supply and exhaust air volume requirements; and required pressure capabilities of the fan(s). The more detailed information we receive- the better solution we can offer for your individual request. 

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