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Blauberg Sileo Design V2

Sileo Design V2
Sileo Design V2

Double-speed fan with air capacity up to 90 m³/h.
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Double-speed fan with air capacity up to 90 m³/h.Specially designed mixed-flow impeller profile ensures high air capacity and low noise level.Casing and impeller are made of quality durable UV-resistant plastic.Backdraft damper for back flow prevention.The high ingress protection rating of IP45 makes the fan the ideal solution for the ventilation of bathrooms and shower rooms.The motor is mounted on special anti-vibration dampers.The exhaust pipe incorporates a specially designed air rectifier to reduce the air turbulence, increase pressure and lower the noise level.Ideal for intermittent or continuous ventilation.





 Sileo Design V2 100
Option S T H
 Pull-cord switch    
 Interval timer    
Turn-on delay timer   
Turn-off delay timer   
Humidity sensor    


Turn-on delay timer

Fixed turn-on delay time of 60 sec.

Turn-off delay timer

Turn-off delay timer adjustable from 2 to 30 min.

Interval timer

If the interval timer is enabled, the fan will turn on automatically each 6, 12 of 24 hrs, and it will operate from 2 to 30 min, depending of turn-off delay timer setting.

Humidity sensor

Humidity setpoint adjustable from 60 % up to 90 %.

Modification name
Sileo Design V2 100
Modification name Pull-cord switch Timer Interval Timer Humidity sensor
Sileo Design V2 100 - - - -
Capacity diagram
Capacity diagram
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  • Air capacity:
  • Pressure:
Operating point
  • Air capacity: --
  • Pressure: ---
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Sileo Design V2 - image (png 412.81Kb)
Sileo Design V2 - user's manual (pdf 2.56Mb)
Sileo Design V2 - data sheet (pdf 451Kb)
Designation key
Designation key
Sileo Design V2 100 H
Model Two-speed motor Spigot diameter Option