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Blauberg Tower-S


Roof-mounted centrifugal smoke extraction fans. Air flow: up to 105 000 m³/h.
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Smoke extraction fans are used in emergency exhaust ventilation systems for forced extraction of smoke and heated gases and simultaneous transfer of heat away and beyond the limits of the serviced spaces in case of fire. Such units are used in production, public, residential, administrative and other spaces.


The fans are capable of handling smoke and air mixtures with temperatures up to +600 °C for 120 minutes. The fans can operate in conjunction with a frequency converter (hereinafter referred to as FC) or directly when connected to power supply. The relevant characteristics for these modes are listed in the products. The fan can be used for general exhaust ventilation at a rotational speed reduced by at least 25 % of the nominal speed of the electric motor. The fan can be designed for moderate (U) or tropical (T) climate conditions.


The fans are made of heat resistant steel with polymer coating providing weathering resistance. There are two types of roof-mounted smoke extraction fans: with horizontal air discharge (Tower-SH) and vertical air discharge (Tower-SV). The models with vertical air discharge are equipped with a backdraft damper. The fan has a protective grille to prevent accidental contact and penetration of foreign objects. The impeller with backward curved blades is painted with powder coating.



The fans are equipped with three-phase electric motors rated for 400 V.The motor is located in the compartment offset from the transported air stream. Motor ingress protection rating is IP54.


The roof fans are installed on the MRDL (simplified version) or MIRDL mounting frame (heat-insulated version). The MRDL and MIRDL mounting frames are designed for mounting the fan on the roof without a slope. Make sure that the location provides for sufficient space as required for the fan maintenance.

MRDL 630MRDL 710-800MRDL 900MRDL 1000-1100
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Tower-S - data sheet (pdf 886.64Kb)
Tower-SV/SH - image (png 326.74Kb)
Tower-SV - image (png 326.04Kb)
Tower-SH - image (png 437.62Kb)
Tower-SV/SH - user's manual (pdf 1.38Mb)