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06 july 2015
Blauberg at FRIGAIR EXPO 2015: locked on energy savings and eco-efficiency
Had Mr Phileas Fogg had Africa in his 80-day round-the-world trip itinerary he would definitely have paid Johannesburg a visit to attend the fascinating FRIGAIR EXPO 2015.

For it was this event that attracted more than 3,500 ventilation and heating experts from 3 through 5 June. The exposition was attended by the leading players from the Republic of South Africa, the most economically advanced country of the African continent, as well those from the Southern African Customs Union (SACU) member states. The participants presented their products, shared experience and engaged in demonstrations of the new arrivals. Blauberg, a recognized technology leader of the European ventilation market, also brought a fair share of its energy-efficient products for a formidable presence.

The challenge

In the recent years energy efficiency and minimizing the environmental impact have dominated the agenda of both engineers and tech-savvy consumers while "eco-friendly" has become an essential attribute of nearly all the aspects of our life. The scale of the challenge called for a concerted effort of engineers, architects as well as construction, ventilation and heating industry experts who all flocked in numbers to FRIGAIR EXPO 2015 held in Johannesburg, the capital of South Africa from 3 through 5 June. The energy-efficient solutions presented by the Blauberg team attracted a keen interest among their South African colleagues.

Big and small

Although each Blauberg product has its unique combination of strengths some of the high-tech models seemed to have a special appeal and soon became everybody's darlings. Those included the company's latest offerings such as the one-of-a-kind KOMFORT EC SB350 air-handling unit. The company also presented its recently introduced Iso-Mix noise-insulated supply and exhaust ventilation system. Wideband noise control is achieved by means of special casing perforation and the use of noise-absorbing material.

The Smart series of intelligent fans also remained in the focus of everyone's attention. This fan family features a host of design improvements resulting in air capacity up to 133 m³/h, minimum energy consumption up to 3.8 W as well as silent operation. The integrated functions enable programming the fans depending on the operating conditions – from simple timers to intermittent ventilation with humidity control.

Eco lifestyle

The eco-friendly products by Blauberg were easily identifiable by the green Eco mark. The company placed a special emphasis on the Vento series of single-room reverse-flow heat and moisture recovery units which bring the recovery efficiency to a staggering 97% due to the use of a ceramic energy capacitor. By virtue of structure the capacitor conducts and accumulates a tremendous amount of heat energy and has a wide humidity output range for maximum inhabitant comfort. The Vento Solar caused quite a stir among companies which specialize in energy-efficient technology. The built-in solar panel generates enough power to run the unit entirely on the clean energy provided by the sun. In case of long cloudy spells or complete discharge of the battery the unit can also be powered from a 230 V electric mains.

Each Blauberg product features the best available materials and components from leading international suppliers certified for high quality and safety while the production process is constantly monitored for zero environmental impact. In addition to that all the products are backed up by our dedicated staff of highly qualified engineers who make every effort to provide a comprehensive technical support and ensure trouble-free operation of your equipment for years to come.

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