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14 april 2016
BLAUBERG at Light+Building Expo in Frankfurt
From 13 through 18 March the Blauberg team presented the company's products at Light + Building - the world's leading trade fair for lighting and building technology held at the largest exhibition hall of Frankfurt.

This year's L+B expo exceeded the previous one in all the important areas such as the number of visitors (216,000 people from 160 countries), number of exhibitors (2,589 exhibitors from 55 countries) and floor space (248,500 square metres).

The trending issues included development of intelligent technology and building automation systems, reducing energy footprint and improving system reliability as well as streamlining user experience. The event programme also included a number of conferences and workshops on network security in smart buildings and future design trends. A lot of visitors had a keen interest in practical engineering solutions for efficient management of energy consumption.

At the moment the HVAC industry is in need of heat-recovery ventilation systems to help reduce operating costs. Therefore, the Blauberg booth offered a diverse presentation of single-space low-energy supply and extract ventilation solutions. In particular, the visitors were presented the Vento series single-room reverse-flow units which eliminate a significant part of the heat loss by recovering extract air heat making them ideally suited for supply and extract ventilation of small spaces. In addition to that the Vento units help restore the moisture balance in the serviced space.

The new offerings included the Vento Expert Duo А30-1 W units with heat recovery efficiency up to 85% and air capacity of 30 m3/h. The Vento Expert Duo units with built-in WiFi modules enable remote control via a mobile device (such as an Android or iOS smartphone).  All you have to do is download a free special application. The units can be upgraded with the optional СО2 sensor (CD-1/CD-2).

The company was especially proud to showcase the Blauberg Komfort EC DB and Komfort EC SB350 supply and extract units with heat recovery efficiency up to 98 % and air capacity up to 700 m3/h. The built-in heat exchanger endows the units with exceptional heat conductivity ensuring outstanding humidity control for maximum occupant comfort. The energy-efficient EC motors produce minimum noise and offer an excellent combination of high performance and power consumption.

The Frankfurt-based Light+Building expo provided an excellent opportunity for demonstrating Blauberg's innovative products and build up the partner network.

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