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23 june 2015
BLAUBERG exposition at ISH China 2015
Still abuzz with the excitement of the Shanghai-based CRH show the Blauberg product exposition travelled to Beijing.

This year's ISH China & CIHE trade fair attracted over 1,100 participating companies from 18 countries as well as 45,000 visitors from 40 countries worldwide. The Blauberg team feels very pleased about having met the other participants at the exhibition and the successful presentation of the Blauberg products.

Treading the ISH red carpet

Most well-established players in the ventilation market consider taking part in the ISH expo a privilege to look forward to and thoroughly prepared presentations of their latest technology for the big date. Few events compare to ISH in terms of scale and attraction for the most talented engineers,  architects and high-profile experts in heating, ventilation and air conditioning equipment. For several days the venue turns into a technology node, a trend source and a heated competition among the industry leaders.

In the recent years many exhibitors and guests showed a keen interest in research and development in the field of innovative energy-saving systems and alternative energy. The notion of an intelligent home is steadily leaving the realm of science fiction - each product fuelling architect‘s inspiration and posing new challenges to engineers.

Exceeding the expectations

Instead of keeping abreast of the existing market trends Blauberg's strategy is based on setting new trends and exceeding consumer‘s expectations. At present the company is firmly focused on developing ventilation solutions capable of meeting future requirements in regards to  efficiency, reliability and safety to human health and the environment. The ISH visitors had ample opportunity to get a hands-on experience of a wide range of high-tech energy-saving equipment and integrated turnkey solutions from Blauberg. The company experts gave an insight into the brand evolution background and showed  the advantages offered by the high-efficiency Blauberg ventilation products, their features and functionality.

However, it was the low-power Blauberg products with high-performance heat exchangers that attracted  most of the guest‘s attention. Among those FreshBox 60air-handling units clearly led in terms of interest due to the unique combination of climate control capability for spaces up to 25 m2 and low power consumption. Many questions concerned the new additions to the company's range - the Komfort series air-handling units and the Vento reverse-flow single-room units which meet even the most exacting demands for high-efficiency ventilation. The Vento series is designed for smaller spaces and benefits from a unique ceramic energy capacitor which ensures heat exchange with up to 91% efficiency. Due to it‘s structure the capacitor conducts and accumulates a tremendous amount of heat energy and has a wide humidity output range for maximum comfort.

Three principles of Blauberg

By ensuring uncompromising quality and reliability of its products and always putting the customer first the company succeeds in offering just the products that its customers need. The visitors of Blauberg booth highly appreciated the diverse functions of the equipment and the ease of its installation. The elegant design of the products found exceptional approval. This was, perhaps, the best confirmation of Blauberg's status of a recognized technology leader in the European ventilation market that the company could expect.

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