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16 november 2015
BLAUBERG goes to Febrava 2015 Brazil to make a name in the South American market
Besides being famous for its flamboyant carnival and passionate football matches Brazil is also home to one of the key annual HVAC events. From 22 through 25 September the city of São Paulo hosted the 19th Febrava international exposition.

Over 4 days about 500 had a chance to present their products using the vast 50,000 square metres of the floor space. This year’s attendance reached 32,000 visitors. The BLAUBERG team did its absolute best to get the most out of their first Brazilian presentation laying the groundwork for the company's prospective entry into the Brazilian ventilation market.

Each year the progress in manufacturing begins to play an ever more important part in improving public health and protecting the environment, especially in such areas as heating, civil construction or ventilation systems. The strive for efficiency and environmental friendliness has led to breathtaking innovations in HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, & Air Conditioning) – in particular, stimulating the development of renewable energy technology. The Febrava expo held every two years provides an excellent opportunity for showcasing such technology and innovative products.

The BLAUBERG booth featured a range of top-quality equipment designed to minimise energy consumption. The ECO-branded products were everyone's darlings. This was not surprise at all since 97% of recovery efficiency delivered by a single-room air handling unit indeed deserves a closer look. In particular, such performance is typical for Vento series single-room reverse-flow units with heat and moisture recovery. The honeycomb structure of the built-in ceramic capacitor with outstanding thermal conductivity and accumulative properties for ensuring most comfortable humidity levels in the serviced spaces.

The new arrivals brought to São Paulo also included the Iso-Mix noise-insulated duct fan. Wideband noise control is achieved by means of special casing perforation and the use of noise-absorbing material while a high-efficiency motor helps reduce power consumption. The company engineers held a presentation on the advantages offered by the Komfort EC line of air handling units which provide adjustable air exchange for highly customizable microclimate.

Taking part in the Febrava expo was yet another excellent opportunity for BLAUBERG to make a statement of its far-reaching expansion plans and demonstrate its energy-efficient solutions. Over the 4 days the BLAUBERG booth was visited by representatives of some 90 companies clearly speaking for the company’s chances for an exciting new start in the South American market.

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