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17 november 2017
Blauberg presents its products in Iran
Blauberg's partner ARVIN MOBARED SAZ CO. presented the company's products at IRAN HVAC&R 2017 trade fair held from 25 through 28 October 2017 in Tehran, the capital of Iran.

IRAN HVAC&R was dedicated to professional heating, ventilation and air conditioning solutions. Exhibitor companies gained the opportunity of meeting thousands of visitors including top managers, suppliers, traders, investors, experts and end users.

The ARVIN MOBARED SAZ CO. booth featured a wide range of products marketed under the German brand of Blauberg including industrial fans, single-room units, domestic ventilation products, heat exchangers, electric motors and air distribution accessories.

The exhibition offered a great opportunity to showcase the industrial range of Blauberg products which have been enjoying a steady demand in the Iranian market. The exhibition visitors were presented Axis axial fans, Centro centrifugal duct fans, Iso-Mix noise-insulated mixed-type fans, Box-D centrifugal extract fans and Iso-V noise-insulated centrifugal fans.

There was also a keen interest in Turbo duct fans – especially the large-diameter models. These fans are ideally suited for spaces with ventilation ducts which require a combination of high pressure and powerful air flow while meeting stringent noise requirements.

The visitors highly appreciated the Tower family of centrifugal fans intended for installation on rooftops and in vertical ventilation shafts. Tower models which are built for prolonged continuous operation feature speed control and overheating protection.

The visitors of ARVIN MOBARED SAZ CO. booth were also presented Blauberg VENTO Eco and Blauberg VENTO Expert energy-efficient single-room ventilators with heat recovery which features intelligent control over WiFi.

The visitors had a chance to sample a wide range of rotary and plate heat exchangers as well as energy-efficient EC motors from Blauberg Motoren.

The models on display also included a broad range of Blauberg domestic fans such as Smart, Sileo, Quatro, Tubo, Deco, Ducto, Auto, Wind, Aero, Bravo, Cristal, Glory, and Lux.

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