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13 april 2023
Blauberg Ventilatoren presented its new products at ISH 2023
ISH 2023, the world’s leading HVAC trade fair, took place on March 13-17 after a four-year break in Frankfurt am Main, Germany, with Blauberg Ventilatoren traditionally present.

ISH is the largest international platform for showcasing new developments in heating, water, air conditioning and energy-efficient technologies. This year's event was focused on solutions for sustainable development and innovations in climate protection, as well as responsible and efficient use of natural resources.

Blauberg Ventilatoren's product range has expanded considerably over the last few years with addition of a number of new products, so our participation in ISH 2023 was an opportunity for us to present new products to the visitors and to remind them of the most popular and sought-after products and solutions of recent years.

In the industrial ventilation segment, the new Blauberg Iso-Primo, Blauberg ISO-VK and Blauberg inWave inline fans in sound-insulated casing attracted a lot of attention.

Iso-Primo is a mixed-flow fan with a maximum airflow capacity up to 1,670 m³/h and a noise level of 37 dBA. The low noise level during fan operation is achieved through the use of a galvanised steel casing with 30 mm thick acoustic foam and introduction of a number of innovative design solutions, among which is placing the ventilation unit closer to the fan inlet rather than in the centre of the fan, thus increasing the sound attenuator area. Due to high performance and low noise level, Blauberg Iso-Primo fans are an optimal solution for use in exhaust, supply and supply-exhaust ventilation systems in various spaces with increased noise requirements.

Blauberg ISO-VK inline centrifugal fan demonstrates airflow capacity up to 25,500 m³/h and is intended for removing contaminated hot air with temperatures up to +120 °C. The electric motor of this device is placed outside the airflow and is installed on an additional panel inside the fan casing. Resistance to high temperatures makes ISO-VK suitable for use in exhaust systems for kitchens, bakeries, as well as for the extraction of gases during welding work.

Blauberg inWave is an inline mixed-flow fan in a new perforated casing. The unit demonstrates high performance (up to 600 m³/h) with low noise level, while also being energy-efficient. The internal perforation of the casing and the sound attenuation material used ensure sound attenuation in a wide frequency range.

In the decentralised ventilation segment, Hybrid and Freshbox 110 K series hybrid units were presented, as well as Civic high-performance unit.

Hybrid is a highly efficient decentralised unit designed for small apartments, offices, classrooms etc. The unit demonstrates airflow capacity up to 160 m³/h with heat recovery efficiency up to 95%. The main feature of Hybrid is that it can be used as a centralised unit because its design allows connecting air ducts to the unit. The low-noise operation of the unit (from 13 dBA) is also noteworthy.

The special feature of the Freshbox 110 K decentralised unit is that it can be on-wall or in-wall mounted. In the latter case, it is possible to connect semi-rigid supply and exhaust air ducts with a diameter of 75 mm to the unit. Concealed mounting of the unit allows achieving almost silent operation. Freshbox 110 K demonstrates airflow capacity up to 100 m³/h, which is ideal for individual rooms or small apartments.

Blauberg Civic decentralised supply and exhaust units are characterised by their high performance (up to 1,240 m³/h), low energy consumption due to utilization of EC motors, and quiet operation, which makes them an optimal solution for organizing ventilation in schools and various commercial or public spaces. 

In the segment of supply and exhaust units for centralized ventilation, the new Blauberg Reneo range of air handling units was introduced. Due to its compact size, high functionality, heat- and sound-insulated polypropylene foam casing, as well as modern and ergonomic design, these units were highly appreciated not only by visitors at the trade fair, but also by its organisers. In particular, Blauberg Reneo-Fit ceiling-mounted system was awarded the prestigious Design Plus powered by ISH award, which recognizes prospective products that demonstrate an optimal combination of eco-friendliness, industrial design and functionality. It should be noted that 133 products by 88 companies from 23 countries took part in the competition, from which 32 best products were selected.

Reneo-Fit is an optimal solution for organizing highly efficient energy-saving ventilation in private residences and apartments where airflow capacity up to 136 m³/h is required. The integrated enthalpy counter-flow heat exchanger not only utilises exhaust air heat, but also maintains the moisture balance in the room.

A strong interest in Blauberg Ventilatoren at ISH 2023 was attributed not only to introduction of a number of new products, but also due to company’s modern integration and control solutions. In particular, guests at the company’s stand were shown integration of a number of WiFi-controlled ventilation units with Blauberg Home and Google Home services, which has expanded the use of company's products within the Smart House and BMS systems. The interested visitors were also shown the voice control option for ventilation units using the Google Assistant voice feature, which is available on mobile devices, Google Nest smart speaker and other smart devices.

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