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30 august 2019
KOMFORT air handling units with S21 automatic control systems: new functionality for ventilation management
Introducing air handling units (AHU) featuring the S21 next-generation control systems.

These systems offer extended capabilities for setting up ventilation equipment parameters and operation modes as well as enable seamless AHU integration into a Building Management System and a Smart Home.

A Building Management System hardware and software suite integrates the core building services including ventilation into a single system. A BMS enables single-point-of-contact monitoring and management, setting up coordinated autonomous operation of the component services, achieving maximum occupant comfort, and reducing the consumption of resources and building operating costs.

Air handling units with S21 automatic control systems connect to a BMS via Modbus open communications protocol over RS-485 serial interface for centralised ventilation control from the building management system.

In addition to BMS interfacing several AHUs and control panels can be integrated into a single network.

The units equipped with S21 control systems can be controlled over Wi-Fi via a smartphone or a tablet while synchronisation with Blauberg Cloud Server enables connection from anywhere in the world – all you have to do is install the Blauberg AHU mobile application available on Google Play and App Store. You can also upgrade the AHUs by connecting S22, S22 WiFi, and S25 control panels for added convenience.

The new control system offers a wide range of functions. The user may set a weekly schedule and a timer for the activation/deactivation delay. The weekly schedule has individual settings for such parameters as air capacity, operation duration and supply air temperature threshold.

The "Fireplace" mode offers separate speed settings for the supply and extract fans. In the event of a fire you can also limit the supply of oxygen, which is essential for the combustion process, into the treated room and increase the rate of smoke-laden air extraction.

The control system prevents AHU freezing by actuating an automatic bypass, initiating periodic stops of the supply fans or activating the electric air preheater.

The automatic control system offers extended functions for control and monitoring of the ventilation system operation – in particular:

  • monitoring filter contamination with a timer and a contamination level indicator;
  • providing maintenance service engineers with remote access for control over the AHU functions and responding to the alarms;
  • failure information provided directly from the application in the form of error codes and failure descriptions.

The system also benefits from extended functions specific to indoor air quality control. The new automatic control system collects feedback from the following sensors:

  • humidity sensor – standard equipment;
  • carbon dioxide sensor (СО2);
  • volatile organic compound sensor (VOC) – enables assessment of the concentration of hazardous gaseous chemicals in the air such as cigarette smoke, formaldehyde etc.; 
  • ultra-fine particle sensor (PM 2.5) – monitors the content of particulate matter in the air such as dust, ash, soot, sulphates, nitrates, and various allergens.

Upon exceeding the pre-set threshold values the AHU air flow is changed automatically to achieve optimum levels.

The S21 control system is available with the following models of air handling units:

For more information about the AHU product range and functionality check out our website here.