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10 january 2020
New modular BlauAIR unit: two-way heat recovery for minimum operating costs
Introducing the latest addition our complete projects portfolio – a modular BlauAIR air handling unit with a maximum air capacity of 23,000 m3/h built to the exacting specifications of a large shopping centre with a water park.

This high-tech assembly features three heat pumps and a plate heat exchanger.

In this configuration thermal energy is recovered in two stages: first in the plate heat exchanger and then by three heat pumps. This combination of technology turns the unit into a versatile air supply and exhaust solution with air heating and cooling capabilities. The unit is capable of restoring and recycling a major part of extract air heat or cold thereby reducing operating costs – even at a very large facility.

The plate heat exchanger represents the first stage of heat recovery. The heat exchanger transfers up to 77 % of the extract air heat or cold to the supply air stream depending on the season.

The three state-of-the-art reversible heat pumps provide the second stage of heat recovery. The heat pumps can heat up or cool down air to the temperature set by the operator. Since the heat pumps do not waste energy directly heating or cooling air and only transfer it from source to source, they demonstrate much higher operating efficiency compared to conventional heating systems. The three-pump configuration ensures outstanding energy efficiency, stable operation, and smooth regulation of the unit operating parameters at both small and large fluctuations of supply and extract air temperatures.

Being completely integrated into the unit structure, the heat pumps do not require mounting any additional external equipment on the facade and inside the building. Within system the heat is carried by R410A, an environmentally friendly chlorine-free refrigerant, which does not deplete the earth's ozone layer.

BlauAIR is a multi-functional air handling unit built to ensure continuous regulated air exchange in the treated building, supply air pre-heating or cooling as well as its purification by G4 coarse filters and F7 fine filters which retain dust, soot, allergens and other small particles larger than 1 micron in diameter. Also, when coupled with a suite of external sensors, the BlauAIR is capable of monitoring the level of humidity and VOC content in the treated rooms.

Outfitting a ventilation system of a large commercial or industrial facility is always a unique and exciting experience since each project requires a custom approach, considering a multitude of environmental factors, tailoring the system configuration to the building, meeting specific operating conditions etc.

According to the results of the commissioning tests, the air handling unit designed and built by the Blauberg engineers was found to entirely meet the client's specifications. This one-of-a-kind unit will be the heart of an entire heating, ventilation and air conditioning system of the building to maintain a healthy breathing environment and ensure occupant comfort all year round.

For more information about Blauberg air handling units and their selection and configuration tool see here.

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