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30 september 2019
New products for air supply and efficient cleaning
Introducing ISO BOX-F ES and ISO BOX-F centrifugal fans with air filters!

The models are designed for spaces with stringent requirements to noise and air purity.

The series is distinguished with a high-efficiency air purification system.

The ISO BOX-F ES modification features an electrostatic filter, which retains fine soot, tobacco smoke, and aerosol particles from 0.01 µm in diameter. The particles are directed into the gap between the filter plates with a voltage difference where they receive a positive charge (+) and accumulate on the negatively charged (–) plates.

The ISO BOX-F fans can be fitted with up to three filters: 1) a coarse G4 filter → 2) a fine F8 filter or an H13 HEPA filter → 3) a carbon filter for odour removal.

The new fans are distinguished with quiet operation, which can also be an important consideration. Thanks to a carefully engineered internal noise insulation of the casing noise emissions remain within 14–38 dBA.

The fans are equipped with asynchronous motors with external rotors and centrifugal impellers with forward curved blades. The ISO BOX-F ES V2 and ISO BOX-F V2 modifications feature two-speed motors.

The maximum air capacity of the fans is 645 m3/h.

The fans are suitable for centralised ventilation systems to boost air flow in a specific space or in standalone configurations for supply of treated outdoor air.

The new series of state-of-the-art noise insulated fans provides outstanding comfort and safety for spaces and be an excellent choice for kindergartens and hospitals where air purity is a top priority.