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04 october 2019
VENTO ECO A50-4 S11 Pro: practical solutions for energy-efficient ventilation of domestic spaces
Introducing VENTO ECO A50-4 S11 Proheat recovery single-room air handling units!

The new models combine low power consumption, operation efficiency and user friendliness.

The recently presented units replace the outgoing VENTO ECO A50 S1(S9) Pro models. The new additions to the company’s product range feature a re-engineered internal grille with a manual damper, which helps to seal the air duct air-tight to prevent drafts in the treated room. The grille elements deflect the fresh supply air upwards where it mixes with warm air.  There is also an outdoor hood which safely protects the unit from the ingress of water and foreign objects. Furthermore, the unit can be equipped with a hood with freeze protection for cold climatic conditions.

The new unit is controlled from a wall-mounted touch-screen panel. The panel enables choosing one of the three fan speeds, the "Heat recovery" or the "Ventilation" operation modes, the "Party" timer which offers 4 hours of operation at the maximum speed, or the "Night" mode which offers 8 hours of operation at the lowest speed setting.

While in the heat recovery mode the unit alternates between air supply and extraction every 70 seconds. The transfer of thermal energy between the supply and extract air flows is provided by a ceramic core of the heat exchanger. The efficiency of the heat transfer process reaches up to 92 %.  The "Heat recovery" mode helps minimise heat or cold losses in the treated room which is especially important in the winter while the heating is on or during a heavy use of air conditioning in the summer.

One control panel may be connected to two air handling units simultaneously. The standard equipment of the VENTO ECO2 A50-4 S11 Pro variant includes a control panel and two single-room AHUs. In the recovery mode one VENTO ECO provides air supply while the other one provides air extraction. The air flow direction is changed every 70 seconds ensuring a balanced ventilation of the treated room.

The air handling units feature energy-efficient EC motors. The motors boast a very low power input ranging from 1 to 4.3 W depending on the operation mode. That being said, the maximum air capacity of the units reaches 50 m3/h.

The new models are equipped with a G3 filter which provides protection from insects and coarse dust. To boost air purity even further the units can be additionally upgraded with an F8 fine filter which traps medium and fine dust particles (from 1 ųm in diameter) as well as soot and a variety of allergens.

The units are characterised with low noise during operation. The sound pressure from 12 dBA will be hardly noticeable in a flat.

Besides the reduction in power consumption the new models benefit from a simple and hassle-free installation making them more practical than ever. A VENTO ECO A50-4 S11 Pro does not require laying a system of air ducts as the equipment is installed directly in an exposed wall of the treated room.