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Blauberg BlauAIR CFH 1200

Floor mounted heat recovery unit
Rated air flow – 1200 m³/h
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  • Connectors and adapters
  • Additional coil sections

High-efficient EC fans, backward-curved, external rotor. Integrated plug-and-play controls. Automatic full-size bypass. ECO-Design’18 compliant. Polystyrene plate heat exchanger. Panel filters ePM1 55%. Hinged service doors. Optional outdoor installation with outdoor mounting kit. Web interface, MODBUS, outputs for optional DX or Hydronic cooling / heating. Complete set of accessories: silencers, economizers, VAV, CAV, etc. Operation by RH/CO2/temperature/constant pressure/timer schedule.



Double skin Frameless 40 mm mineral wool 90 kg/m³ for CFH 800-6000 and with frame 50 mm for CFH 9000 Outer skin: zinc-aluminum Inner skin: zinc-aluminum EN1886 class: D1, T3, TB3


High-efficient counterflow heat exchanger made of profiled aluminum plates, packed with elastic heat-resistant sealant. Stainless steel drain pan on both supply and exhaust sides.


Automatic 100 % heat exchanger bypass damper with a Belimo actuator provides active frost protection, freeheating and free-cooling functions. Integrated automatic external dampers with Belimo drives.


Panel F7 class filters on both supply and exhaust.

Parameter BlauAIR CFH 1200 Measurement unit
Voltage 200-240 V
Phase 1 ˜
Frequency 50/60 Hz
Max. unit current 5.3 A
Power 2x610 W
RPM 3000 min-1
Maximum air flow 1200 m³/h
Perm. amb. temp. -35...+50 °С
Sound pressure level at 3 m 35 dBА
Transported air temperature -25...+40 °С
Motor IP rating IP54 -
Insulation class B -
Extract filter ePM1 ≥ 50% (ISO 16890) -
Supply filter F7 (EN 779) -
Ingress protection rating IP34 -
EC motor yes -
Weight 230 kg
Casing material aluzinc -
Outdoor mounting yes -
Sound-insulated casing yes -
Air duct for round air ducts -
Type Supply and exhaust -
Mounting floor mounting, outdoor mounting -
Documents archieve
Documents archieve
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BlauAIR CFH - data sheet (pdf 753.06Kb)
BlauAIR CFH - user's manual (pdf 1.48Mb)
BlauAIR CFH - image (png 462.36Kb)
Catalogue "Standard air handling units BlauAIR" (pdf 12.02Mb)
BlauAIR automatic control system (S30, S31, S32) - user's manual (pdf 5.2Mb)
Liquid heat exchanger HW/CW - installation instruction (pdf 1.87Mb)
BlauAIR automatic control system (S37, S38, S39) - user's manual (pdf 6.07Mb)
S21 automation
S21 automation

The BlauAir S21 units are equipped with an integrated automation system. The remote control panel is not included in the delivery set (sold separately). The S21 controller allows integrating the unit into the Smart Home system or BMS (Building Management System). The unit can be controlled by the Blauberg AHU mobile application via Wi-Fi.

Download the Blauberg AHU app for Android

Download the Blauberg AHU app for iOS

Unit control via Wi-Fi using a mobile application +
Unit control via a wired remote control panel S22 control panel (option)
Unit control via a wireless remote control panel S22 Wi-Fi control panel (option)
Unit control via a remote wired LCD control panel S25 control panel (option)
BMS (Building Management System) RS-485
Blauberg Cloud Server service +
Speed selection +
Filter replacement indication by filter timer
by filter clogging differential pressure switch
Week-scheduled operation +
Bypass automatic
Timer +
Boost mode +
Fireplace mode +
Freeze protection through cyclic stops of the supply fan
through preheating (option)
Reheater connection option
Cooler connection option
Minimum supply air temperature control +
Humidity control option
CO₂ control option
VOC control option
PM2.5 control option
Fire alarm sensor connection option
Overall dimensions
Overall dimensions
  L [mm] W [mm] H [mm] H1 [mm] S1 [mm]
CFH 1200 1880 540 960 Ø 315
Connectors and adapters
Connectors and adapters
  Flexible connection [mm] Damper [mm] Adapter [mm]
CFH 1200 Ø 315 Ø 315 Ø 315/500×300
Additional coil sections
Additional coil sections
Water heater HW-2 L [mm] 360
Water cooler CW-3 L [mm] 505
Electric heater HE L [mm] 306
DX cooler CDX-3 L [mm] 505