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Blauberg BLAUBOX DW3200-4 Pro

Supply suspended ventilation unit. Maximum air flow up to 3260 m³/h.
EAN codeEAN4058448036293
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Ventilation units for efficient supply ventilation in various premises.Controllable air supply, heating and filtration.Compatible with 400x200 up to 700x400 mm rectangular air ducts.
The casing is made of double-skinned aluzinc panels, internally filled with 50 mm mineral wool layer for heat and sound insulation.The casing has fixing brackets with vibration absorbing connectors for easy installation.The hinged casing panel ensures easy access to the internals for cleaning, filter replacement and other maintenance operations. Asynchronous external rotor motor and centrifugal high-pressure impeller with backward curved blades is used for air supply.Integrated motor overheating protection with automatic restart.Dynamically balanced impeller.Equipped with ball bearings for longer service life.Reliable and quiet operation.
The units are equipped with a water (glycol) heater for operation during cold seasons at low outside temperature.The air temperature sensor downstream of the water heater and the return heat medium sensor ensure freezing protection of the water heater. If any of these sensors detects a temperature point below the set minimum value, the signal is sent automatically to the control unit to troubleshoot cooling.AIR FILTRATIONThe built-in G4 supply filter provides air filtration.Optionally a F7 filter may be installed for efficient filtration.MOUNTINGThe unit is suitable for mounting on the floor, ceiling mounting or wall mounting with fixing brackets in any mounting position except for the vertical one with air flow downwards.The correct mounted unit must provide free access to the hinged panel for servicing and filter replacement. The units incorporate an integrated control system with a wall-mounted control panel and LCD display.The standard delivery set includes a 10 m cable for connection of the unit and the control panel.Control panel functions:
  • Activating/deactivating the unit.
  • Setting low, medium and high speeds for the supply fan. Air flow control.
  • Setting and maintaining of indoor air temperature.
  • Display of the indoor air temperature.
  • Supply filter clogging control according to the pressostat.
  • Alarm indication.
Automation functions:
  • Control of the supply air damper actuator (separate order).
  • Smooth rotation speed control of the fan (3 ~ 400 V, 50 Hz).
  • Water heater control.
  • Generation of the activation signal for the exhaust fan if available in the system.
  • Shutdown of the unit on signal from the fire alarm panel.
  • Control of the cooler with respect to the set indoor air temperature (separate order).
All the operation parameters are individually adjustable.
Parameter BLAUBOX DW3200-4 Pro Measurement unit
Number of water coil rows 4 -
Connected air duct size 600х350 mm
Voltage 400 V
Phase 3 ˜
Frequency 50 Hz
Total unit current 2.4 A
RPM 2730 min-1
Air capacity 3260 m³/h
Air capacity 906 l/s
Total unit power 1330 W
Sound pressure level at 3 m distance 57 dBА
EC motor no -
Insulating material 50 mm mineral wool mm
Transported air temperature -25...+45 °С
Supply filter G4 (pocket), F7 (option) -
Weight 94 kg
Casing material aluzinc -
Outdoor mounting no -
Sound-insulated casing yes -
Air duct for rectangular air ducts -
Design centrifugal -
Type Supply -
Mounting ceiling mounting, wall mounting, floor mounting -
ErP 2016, 2018 -
Documents archieve
Documents archieve
BLAUBOX DW Pro - data sheet (pdf 1.18Mb)
BLAUBOX DW Pro - image (png 594.2Kb)
Designation key
Designation key
Series Casing modification Heater type Nominal air flow [m³/h]   Number of water coil rows Control
BLAUBOX D: suspended mounting W: water heater 1200; 2300; 3200; 4100 3; 4 Pro: with control panel
    BLAUBOX DW1200-4 Pro BLAUBOX DW2300-4 Pro BLAUBOX DW3200-4 Pro BLAUBOX DW4100-3 Pro
G4 pocket filter FPT 538x342x27 G4 FPT 637x395x27 G4 FPT 737x441x27 G4
Silencer SD 40x20 SD 50x30 SD 60x35 SD 80x50
Duct cooling unit KFK 40x20-3 KFK 50x30-3 KFK 60x35-3 KFK 70x40-3
Duct cooling unit KWK 40x20-3 KWK 50x30-3 KWK 60x35-3 KWK 70x40-3
Mixing set WMG
Air flow dampers SL 40x20 SL 50x30 SL 60x35 SL 70x40
Flexible anti-vibration connector EVA 40x20 EVA 50x30 EVA 60x35 EVA 70x40
Air damper electric actuator LF230
Air damper electric actuator TF230
Overall dimensions
Overall dimensions

Model Dimensions [mm]
B B1 B2 B3 H H1 H2 L L1
BLAUBOX DW3200-4 Pro 600 620 787 744 350 370 500 1252 1212
Additional diagrams
Additional diagrams

The air flow is 2700 m³/h and the air speed in the cooling unit is 3.59 m/s ➀.To calculate the maximum air temperature find the intersection point of the air flow line ➀ with the rated outer temperature shown in blue line (e.g., -25 °C) and draw the line ➁ to the left until it crosses the water in/out temperature curve (e.g. +70/+50). From this point draw a vertical line to the supply air temperature downstream of the heater (+28 °C) ➂.To calculate the heater power find the intersection point of the air flow ➀ with the rated winter temperature shown in red line (e.g., -25 °C) and draw the line ➃ to the right until it crosses the water in/out temperature curve (e.g. +70/+50). From this point draw a vertical line to the heater power axis (58.0 kW) ➄.
To calculate the required water flow in the heater prolong this line ➅ downwards to the water flow axis (0.73 l/s).To calculate the water pressure drop in the heater find the intersection point of the line ➅ with the pressure loss curve and prolong the line ➆ to the right on the water pressure drop axis (14.0 kPa).