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Blauberg Freshpoint Eco

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A highly efficient ceramic regenerator helps to save on heating and air conditioning, lowers energy consumption. Reduces the risk of mold due to built-in humidity sensor. Air supply and exhaust through one hole in the outer wall. The product is adapted to low temperatures with electric heating (option). Minimal consumption and high energy efficiency allow it to run continuously without significantly impacting energy bills. Intelligent control system. Simple installation without the need for laying a complex system of air ducts. A practical choice for renovation projects.


Freshpoint Eco – is the most state-of-the-art and efficient solution for a comfortable indoor climate and required air exchange in renovated premises, brand new recently inhabited houses or reconstructed apartments.

Ideal solution for maintaining the moisture balance in the room.

Freshpoint Eco is the pioneering single-room heat recovery ventilator equipped with a ceramic regenerator and heater in the world.


3 speeds, adjustable from 0 to 100% Wi-Fi and Google Assistant Electric heater RH%, CO2, VOC sensors Alarm Filter maintenance indication Night timer Turbo timer Week schedule Auto, heat recovery, supply only, extract only modes


The regenerator is divided into two parts, which are isolated from one another, thus eliminating the transfer of heat and moisture between them. One of the fans operates in the supply mode: fresh cold intake air from outside flows through the first regenerator, and absorbs accumulated heat and humidity.


At the same time, the other fan operates in the exhaust mode: warm stale air is extracted from the room to the outside, and while passing through the other regenerator, gradually heats it up and transfers some of the moisture. After 70 seconds of operation the fans change the rotation direction and opposite processes start.





ADVANTAGESThe process of heat recovery takes place through regeneration with the preservation of moisture, which is very important for the dry winter period. Recovers up to 92% of the heat from the extracted air. The cartridge, which includes a regenerator is made from ABS plastic. The strength of this material allows to ensure long service life and a large number of maintenance cycles. Can be washed quickly and conveniently in domestic conditions.


Freshpoint Eco – it’s not just ventilation, it’s a real climate station in your home. Control all functions and parameters via the mobile app.


Just say «Hello Google» and test, control and run Freshpoint Eco in English, German, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Polish, Dutch, French, Spanish*.

the Blauberg Home
app for Android
the Blauberg Home
app for iOS

* Important: The feature availability could depend on your country, region and language. Check it for your speaker/smartphone or ask its manufacturer.

Modification name
Freshpoint Eco 160
Freshpoint Eco 160 Pro
Freshpoint Eco 160-E
Freshpoint Eco 160-E Pro
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Freshpoint Eco - data sheet (pdf 294.46Kb)
Freshpoint Eco - image (png 420.66Kb)
Options & functions Freshpoint Eco Freshpoint Eco Pro
Heat recovery, supply only, extract only, auto (using temperature sensors) modes + -
Heat recovery, supply only, extract only, auto (using temperature and air quality sensors) modes - +
3 speeds with independent adjustment from 0 to 100 % for supply and exhaust + +
4 temperature sensors (outdoor, supply, exhaust and indoor) + +
Light sensor + +
Humidity sensor (RH%) + +
Carbon dioxide sensor (CO2) - +
Air quality sensor (tVOC) - +
Frost protection and electric heater (option) to maintain a comfortable supply air temperature Option Option
Filter maintenance indication + +
Efficiency level indicator - +
Remote control using an IR remote control and a smartphone via Wi-Fi + +
Functional mobile application with voice control, cloud service + -
Functional mobile application with voice control, cloud service and air quality level statistics - +
Main screens in the mobile application

Speed (3 speeds) Speed (smooth adjustment) Heater

Add: Temperature and efficiency Indoor temperature (graph) Humidity (graph) CO2 (graph) tVOC (graph)