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Blauberg Primo ЕС

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Inline fans for supply and exhaust ventilation of various commercial and industrial premises requiring powerful air flow. The fans are compatible with Ø 150, 200, 250, 315, 355 and 400 mm air ducts. Combines wide capabilities and high performance features of axial and centrifugal fans, providing powerful air flow.


The casing is made of polymer (for models 315, 355 and 400 the casing is additionally reinforced with a metal housing). Due to the conically shaped polymer impeller with specially profiled blades, the air stream circular velocity increases, which results in higher air flow and pressure, as compared to characteristics of standard axial fans. The specially designed diffuser, impeller and airflow rectifier at the fan outlet provide smooth air flow distribution and enable the best combination of high capacity, powerful pressure and low noise. The fan casing is equipped with an airtight terminal box for connection to power mains.

Primo EC 150, 200, 250   Primo EC 315 max, 355 (max), 400

Energy efficient EC motor. 220–240 V single phase at 50 (60) Hz. Equipped with ball bearings for longer service life (up to 40 000 hours). All motors have thermal overload protection.


The fan speed is regulated by a smooth 0-10 V controller.


The fans can be mounted at any place and at any angle within the ductwork system. Several fans may be installed in one system in parallel to attain higher air capacity or in series to increase operating pressure in the system. The fan casing is equipped with fixing brackets for suspended mounting. The fans can be installed using the appropriately sized UM Primo bracket (ordered separately, available for models 315, 355 and 400).

Modification name
Primo EC 150
Primo EC 200
Primo EC 250
Primo EC 315 max
Primo EC 355
Primo EC 355 max
Primo EC 400
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Primo / Primo EC - user's manual (pdf 1.64Mb)
Primo / Primo EC 315-355-400 - image (png 553.14Kb)
Primo EC - data sheet (pdf 913.26Kb)
Primo / Primo EC 150, 200, 250 - image (png 508.58Kb)
Primo / Primo EC 150/160/200/250 - user's manual (pdf 1.3Mb)
Primo / Primo ЕС - brochure (pdf 3.39Mb)
Designation key
Designation key
Series Motor type Duct diameter [mm] Motor modifications Modifications
Primo EC: electronically commutated motor 150; 200; 250; 315; 355; 400 max: high-powered motor FR1: smooth speed controller adjustable from 0 to 100 % and power cable with mains plug
G1: speed controller, temperature controller with external temperature sensor, power cable with mains plug
W1: power cable with mains plug