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Blauberg Vento Expert Duo A30-1 S10 W V.2

Vento Expert Duo A30-1 S10 W V.2
Vento Expert Duo A30-1 S10 W V.2

Single-room heat recovery units with Wi-Fi control. Maximum air flow up to 30 m³/h.
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Arrangement of balanced energy saving, supply and exhaust, single-room ventilation in kitchen, bathroom and utility room. Reducing heat losses caused by ventilation due to heat recovery. Humidity balance and controllable air exchange create individually controlled microclimate. Wi-Fi data exchange between several single-room ventilation units for coordinated operation. Controlled by Android or iOS smartphone or tablet.

One of the best heat recovery on the market due to innovative hexagonal structure of the heat exchanger cells. Built-in Wi-Fi for wireless communication between units and Android or iOS device control.
Heat and humidity recovery
One of the fans supplies fresh and cold air from outdoor, which flows through the correspondent part of the ceramic heat exchanger and absorbs accumulated heat and humidity. At the same time, the other fan extracts slate and warm air from indoor, that flows through the other part of the ceramic heat exchanger and transfers heat energy and moisture to it. After 70 seconds operation the fans change the rotation direction and opposite processes start.
Unit control via smartphone or tablet application. The units can be connected by Wi-Fi for synchronized operation. House ventilation control via cloud service from anywhere in the world.
Connection to smart house or Building Management System (BMS) via Wi-Fi.
Blauberg Vento V.2 app for Android or iOS devices is available at Google Play and App Store.
Vento Expert Duo either can operate as independent unit or can be connected with other units in a house and controlled with a master unit. In this case, only the master unit receives a signal from the remote control. Control of the unit operation mode is also performed by means of the sensor control panel located on the unit casing or the remote control.

Vento Expert is equipped with a humidity sensor for indoor humidity control. If humidity increases above a set point, the unit boosts to the speed III.


Vento Expert units should be installed in the living room and bedrooms while Vento Expert Duo units should be installed in kitchen, bathrooms and utility room.

The unit is designed for through-the-wall installation inside a prepared hole in an outer wall of the building.
Modification name
Vento Expert Duo A30-1 S10 W V.2
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Documents archieve
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Vento Expert Duo A30-1 S10 W V.2 - data sheet (pdf 937.28Kb)
Vento Expert Duo A30-1 S10 W V.2 - images (png 237.11Kb)
Vento Expert Duo A30-1 S10 W V.2 - user's manual (pdf 9.14Mb)
Connection to a „Smart Home“ system - connection guide (pdf 1.21Mb)
Vento Expert Duo A30-1 S10 W V.2 - energy label (pdf 57.66Kb)
Vento Expert Duo A30-1 S10 W V.2 - specification (pdf 35.06Kb)
Filters maintenance manual (pdf 3.04Mb)
Vento Expert W V.2 - Step by step digitizing (pdf 6.96Mb)
Designation key
Designation key
Model Fans Air duct Maximum air flow [m³/h] Unit modification Ventilation hood type Control
Vento Expert Duo: two fans with different rotation direction A: round air duct 30 -1: flat front panel

S10: white plastic hood AH-10 white 160 Duo

W V.2: Control and setup of the unit with the Wi-Fi mobile application
Technical data
Technical data
Parameters Vento Expert Duo A30-1 S10 W V.2
Speed 1 2 3
Voltage [V / 50 (60) Hz] 100-240
Power [W] 2,17 3,66 6,62
Current [A] 0,026 0,039 0,066
RPM [min⁻¹] 1600 2200 2500
Air flow [m³/h (l/s)] 10 (3) 20 (6) 30 (8)
Air flow in humidity extract mode [m³/h (l/s)] 60 (16)
SFP [W/l/s] 0,78 0,66 0,79
Filter G3
Transported air temperature [°C] -15…+40
Sound pressure level at 1 m in accordance with ISO 3741:2004 [dBA] 33 40 43
Sound pressure level at 3 m in accordance with ISO 3741:2004 [dBA] 24 31 34
Outdoor sound pressure attenuation in accordance with DIN EN 20140 [dBA] 42
Indoor/outdoor airtightness classification of the complete unit in accordance with EN 13141-8 D2
Heat recovery efficiency in accordance with DIBt LÜ-A 20 [%] up to 85
Ingress protection rating IP24
Name   Description
FP Vento Expert Duo A30 G3  

G3 filters (2 pcs.)

AH-10 *colour* 160 Duo  

Plastic outer ventilation hood. Available in colours:

AH-10 chrome 160 Duo   Plastic outer ventilation hood with a plate with brushed stainless steel effect finish
AH-5 white 160 Duo   Stainless steel ventilation hood, painted white
AH-5 chrome 160 Duo   Brushed stainless steel ventilation hood
PP 160/0.5 Outer ventilation hood for mounting from inside
R 160-500   500 mm air duct and polystyrene foam plug
R 160-700   700 mm air duct and polystyrene foam plug
LST Vento Expert Duo   Air stream separator
SE Vento Expert W   Sensor control panel
FB Vento Expert A50 Remote control
CD-1   CO₂ sensor with LED CO₂ indication and a sensor button for operation mode selection
CD-2   CO₂ sensor
S Ventо Expert A30   Cardboard template for indoor installation of the unit