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19 november 2018
FRESHBOX 200 ERV WiFi: energy efficiency meets high-tech
Blauberg Ventilatoren presents FRESHBOX 200 ERV WiFi – a new single-room heat recovery air handling unit.

This state-of-the-art product excels in energy efficiency thanks to a multifunctional control system and an enthalpy heat exchanger.

One FRESHBOX 200 ERV WiFi is capable of ensuring continuous regulated air exchange in an entire classroom or an office. The maximum air capacity of the new products is 200 m3/h.

The units are managed over WiFi via a smartphone or a tablet PC using the Blauberg Freshbox application available on App Store or Play Market or from the control panel or the remote control. You can easily set the necessary operation speed, heater temperature, activate the timer or set the necessary operation mode while the maintenance light on the control panel will alert you about the need to replace the filters.

FRESHBOX 200 ERV WiFi units are equipped with low-energy EC motors which produce minimum noise.

Thanks to the built-in heat exchanger, the new units minimise heat or cold losses during ventilation. The units benefit from heat exchanger with enthalpy core which generates zero condensation during operation and helps recycle both the heat and the moisture contained in the extract air stream.

To ensure efficient supply and exhaust ventilation in a cold climate the unit is offered in variants with an electric pre-heater which prevents the heat exchanger from freezing (FRESHBOX E-200 ERV WiFi and FRESHBOX E2-200 ERV WiFi) and a supply air booster heater (FRESHBOX E1-200 ERV WiFi and FRESHBOX E2-200 ERV WiFi).

The G4 and F7 filters prevent dust and other contaminants from entering the serviced spaces. For spaces with stringent air purity requirements the units can be additionally upgraded with a HEPA filter (H13).

The indoor air can also be cleaned by entering the recirculation mode which directs the extract air flow into the filters and returns it into the serviced space cleaned from impurities.