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27 june 2019
Introducing new additions to the range of energy-efficient ventilation products – now in EPP casings!
Continuing to expand its range of air handling units in expanded polypropylene (EPP) casings, Blauberg introduces two new models: KOMFORT S5 230 and KOMFORT D5 180.

The characteristics and the functionality of the new units are sufficient for maintaining a comfortable and healthy breathing environment in a wide variety of houses or flats.

The new models are characterised with a high heat exchange efficiency reaching 98 % – a hallmark feature of Blauberg productsSuch outstanding performance is achieved by using high-quality counter-flow heat exchangers with polystyrene cores. The model range also includes modifications with enthalpy heat exchangers capable of recycling both thermal energy and moisture thus preventing condensation.

And there is one more important factor contributing to the energy efficiency of the new models: the casing made from expanded polypropylene. This material ensures excellent air tightness as well as thermal and sound insulation.

Depending on modification, the air handling units are equipped with touch-sensitive or mechanical three-position speed switches. The speed switches provide a convenient means of adjusting air flow depending on the current needs to prevent excess power consumption.

Thanks to an automatic freeze protection system the units are also suitable for operation during the cold season. The automatic system uses temperature sensor feedback to disable the supply fan enabling heat exchanger warming by the extract air flow.

Air purity is ensured by built-in G4 filters. To meet more stringent air quality demands the units can be upgraded with F8 filters.

The new KOMFORT S5 230 and KOMFORT D5 180 models offer highly practical solutions for organising an energy-efficient ventilation system to ensure occupant comfort.