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02 july 2018
New product: Blauberg KOMFORT ЕС in EPP casing
Introducing a new arrival from Blauberg Ventilatoren featuring the company's latest technology – the KOMFORT EC S5B and KOMFORT EC D5B energy-saving air handling units in EPP casings.

The new air handling units benefit from an innovative casing material – expanded polypropylene (EPP) which offers a number of important advantages over steel or zinc aluminium used in more conventional designs. In addition to being very strong and shock-resistant EPP casings are elastic, practically insusceptible to deformation, and ensure excellent water resistance as well as sound and heat insulation.

The KOMFORT EC units in EPP casings are light and compact making the installers’ job so much easier. Tipping the scales at just about 13 kg these air handling units are several times lighter than steel or zinc aluminium competition.

Service maintenance and filter replacement are also simple and convenient. In addition to the standard clip-on access panel the air handling unit casing has detachable pockets for quick filter replacement.

The versatile casing of the vertically-mounted KOMFORT EC S5B models allows both left-hand-side and right-hand-side installation. The condensate drain tube and the drip pan on the KOMFORT EC D5B models can be installed on the opposite sides of the unit. This makes the KOMFORT EC D5B suitable for suspended or wall-mounted installation – either in the vertical or horizontal position.

The KOMFORT ЕС units in EPP casings offer an all-in-one energy-efficient and economical solution for ventilation of flats, detached houses, cottages and other spaces including such functions as stale air extraction, fresh air supply and heat recovery. The units can recover up to 98% of the heat contained in the extract air stream.

The maximum performance of the new models reaches 300 m³/h while the noise remains under 34 dBA.

The air handling units are based on latest-generation EC motors which take 1.5-3 times less energy compared to the conventional ones and allow complete control across the entire speed range.

The KOMFORT EC D5B-E and KOMFORT EC S5B-E variants have enthalpy-type heat exchangers which run condensate-free even at subzero supply air temperatures, provide excellent energy efficiency and recover both the heat and the moisture contained in the extract air stream.

The KOMFORT EC S5B units are compatible with 125 mm air ducts while the KOMFORT EC D5B take 150 mm ducting.