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14 june 2019
New arrival! Ceileo Compact domestic ceiling fan
Introducing the Ceileo Compact series of low-profile centrifugal fans!

The new fans are designed for exhaust ventilation of kitchens, bathrooms or other domestic spaces showing outstanding efficiency in systems with extensive ductwork and high air resistance.

The fans are distinguished by a compact casing which enables embedded installation into the framework structure of a ceiling at least 140 mm thick. Special brackets ensure quick and convenient attachment of the fan to the rafters.

The Ceileo Compact series includes a large selection of various modifications. The series includes high-performance models as well as those featuring low-energy DC motors. Ceileo Compact DC Light and Ceileo Compact Light hold a special place in the line-up – and not for a reason. These models feature an energy-efficient LED lamp to handle general lighting duty in the serviced room.

The models in the series also offer a host of control options: while the basic model has two speeds the modification with a built-in control panel enables setting the activation/deactivation timer or extend the functionality of the fan with motion or humidity sensors. The panel comes standard with the DC motor models.

A wide selection of the Ceileo Compact series modifications is to help every customer find an optimum solution for their exhaust ventilation needs.