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31 august 2018
Smart WiFi: an intelligent fan with a WiFi module
Introducing Smart WiFi, a new intelligent domestic fan controlled via a smartphone or a tablet.

The new addition to the Blauberg Smart line is characterised with modern design, energy efficiency, and a wide array of functions to maintain an ideal microclimate.

However, it is the built-in WiFi module that makes this new fan truly special. To manage the fan all you need to do is download the dedicated Blauberg Fan app from App Store or Play Market to remotely control such features and functions as:

  • Intelligent humidity control
  • Temperature sensor feedback operation 
  • Activation and deactivation delay timer
  • Wide selection of operation modes: Silent, Maximum Speed, 24 Hours Auto, Intermittent Ventilation at Pre-Set Speed
  • Intermittent Ventilation
  • Constant Ventilation
  • Motion sensor feedback operation (Smart IR WiFi modifications)

Smart WiFi front panels are offered in a wide range of colour shades to suit a diverse variety of bathrooms, showers and kitchens.

Being suitable for both horizontal and vertical configurations the fan is compatible with 100 or 125 mm air ducts.