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Blauberg Blaubox EC ME 3000-45 S31

Supply ventilation unit. Maximum air flow up to 3150 m³/h.
EAN codeEAN4058448097225
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Ventilation units for efficient supply ventilation in various premises.Controllable air supply, heating and filtration.BMS connection via ModBUS RTU.



Steel casing covered with aluzinc coating internally filled with 30 mm heat- and sound-insulating layer made of mineral wool.Mounting brackets with anti-vibration rubber. Service panel ensures easy access to the internals.Blaubox EC ME 300 … 700 is compatible with round ducts.

Blaubox EC ME 300 … 700

Blaubox EC ME 300 … 700

Blaubox EC ME 1000 … 4000


Efficient external rotor EC-motors and centrifugal impellers with backward curved blades.EC-motors are featured with high performance, low noise level and totally controllable speed range.Dynamically balanced impeller.


Panel Coarse 90% (G4) filter for supply air purification.Panel ePM10 70% (F7) filter is available as an option.


The unit is equipped with an electric heater. Heating elements are extra ribbed for larger heat exchange surface. Integrated overheat protection.


The unit is suitable for indoor mounting on the floor, ceiling mounting or wall mounting with fixing brackets in any mounting position, except for the vertical one with air flow downwards. The correct mounted unit must provide free access to the service panel.


The units are equipped with an S31 integrated automation control system. Remote control panels are not included in the delivery set and ordered separately.

Functions Description
Vired control panel
Vired control panel
Unit on / off +
Fan speed control and setting +
Filter clogging indication and control Pressure sensor
Week schedule +
Electric heater protection with auto restart +
Electric heater protection with manual restart +
Supply temperature control +
Outer temperature sensor +
Water heater frost protection +
Return temperature sensor +
Air damper control +
Alarm indication +
BMS Connection ModBUS (RTU)
Humidity sensor 0-10V or NO
CO2 Sensor 0-10V or NO
Exhaust fan control on / off
Three-way valve control +
Circulation pump control +
Condensing unit control 0-10V
Option: function is available when purchasing the appropriate accessory (see the"Accessories" section).
Parameter Blaubox EC ME 3000-45 S31 Measurement unit
Voltage 400 V
Phase 3 ˜
Frequency 50 Hz
Max. power without electric heater 472 W
Max. unit current without electric heater 2.1 A
Max. unit power with electric heater 45472 W
Max. unit current with electric heater 72.8 A
Electric heater power 45000 W
Maximum air flow 3150 m³/h
Sound pressure level at 3 m 47 dBА
Transported air temperature -30…+40 °С
Insulation 30 mm mineral wool mm
Filter Coarce 90% / G4 (option: ePM1 70% / F7) -
EC motor yes -
Weight 50 kg
Connected air duct diameter 600 x 300 mm
Casing material aluzinc -
Outdoor mounting no -
Air duct for rectangular air ducts -
Design centrifugal -
Type Supply -
Mounting ceiling mounting, wall mounting, floor mounting -
ErP 2018 -
Documents archieve
Documents archieve
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Blaubox EC ME - data sheet (pdf 1.1Mb)
Blaubox EC ME - image (png 488.75Kb)
Blaubox EC ME - user's manual (pdf 3.39Mb)
Automatic control system (S30, S31, S32) - user's manual (pdf 3.96Mb)
Designation key
Designation key
Series Motor type Heater type Rated air flow [m³/h] Electric heater power [kW] Service side Control
Blaubox: supply air unit EC: electronically commutated motor ME: electric 300; 400; 700; 1000; 1500;
2000; 3000; 4000
1.7; 2.0; 3.0; 5.1; 6.0; 9.0; 12.0; 14.0;
15.0; 18.0; 27.0; 45.0; 54.0
L: left
R: right
    Blaubox EC ME 3000
Panel filter G4 FP 734х435х80 Coarse 90% / G4
Panel filter F7 FP 734х435х80 ePM1 70% / F7
Flexible anti-vibration connector EVA 60x30
Silencer SD 60x30
Air damper SL 60x30
Air damper electric actuator TF230 / TF24
Overall dimensions
Overall dimensions

Model Overall dimensions [mm]
H H1 L L1 W W1 W2 W3
Blaubox EC ME 3000 S31 500 300 1200 1070 800 853 944 600
Additional diagrams
Additional diagrams

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