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Blauberg EKH 50x25-7.5

Duct electrical heater for rectangular ducts.
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For warming up of supply air in heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems installed in various premises. Compatible with 400×200 up to 1000×500 mm rectangular air ducts.


Galvanized steel case and junction box. Heating elements are made of stainless steel and have additional ribbing to increase heat exchange surface. Several power options for each standard size. For higher heating capacity several heaters may be installed in series. Equipped with overheat protection thermostats:

  • basic protection with automatic restart at +50 °C;
  • emergency protection with manual restart at +90 °C.

Fixing to rectangular ducts with flange connection. Any mounting position except for the junction box downwards to prevent condensate leakage and short circuit. Install a filter upstream to the heater to protect heating elements against dirt ingress. Recommended distance between the heater and other system components must be not less than one air heater diagonal for air flow stabilization. Duct heaters are rated for minimum air flow speed 1.5 m/s and maximum operating air temperature supplied to the units 40 °C. In case of speed regulation with a speed controller the minimum air speed through the heater must be provided. For correct and safe heater operation an automatic control and protection system is recommended, including the following functions:

  • regulation of the heating capacity and temperature of the air heated up;
  • filter clogging control by a differential air pressure sensor;
  • power cut-off in case of the supply fan shutdown or low air flow speed as well as in case of actuating the overheat protection thermostats;
  • heat removal from the heating elements after ventilation system shutdown.
Parameter EKH 50x25-7.5 Measurement unit
Voltage 400 V
Current 10.9 A
Power 7500 W
Min. air flow 153 l/s
Min. air flow 550 m³/h
Number of heating coils x capacity 3x2500 W
Weight 7.65 kg
Casing material galvanized steel -
Air duct for rectangular air ducts -
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Documents archieve
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ЕКН (rectangular) - data sheet (pdf 778.95Kb)
ЕКН (rectangular) - operation manual (pdf 2.1Mb)
ЕКН (rectangular) - image (png 637.83Kb)
Designation key
Designation key
Series Flange size (WxH) [cm]   Heater power [kW]
EKH 40x20; 50x25; 50x30; 60x30; 60x35; 70x40; 80x50; 90x50; 100x50 4.5; 6; 7.5; 9; 10.5; 12; 15; 18; 21; 24; 27; 36; 45; 54

Model Overall dimensions [mm]
B B1 B2 H H1 H2 L
EKH 50x25-7.5 500 520 640 250 270 290 200
Capacity diagram
Capacity diagram

Additional diagram
Additional diagram

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